7 Hacks That Every Shopify Store Owner Must Know About

Becoming a store owner on Shopify has made it easier for so many people to come forward and sell their products online. It is a fun way to start a store but at the same time, if you do not know how it all works then it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Below are top Shopify hacks that can help you focus on the essentials for your new store so that you start on the right note.

Use The Top Shopify Hacks To Make Your Online Store Better

1. Keep Clear Pricing Strategy

The days wherein you added the price as 9.99 are long gone. This strategy is mostly used by retailers who are trying to position their brand as a bargain. However, you do not have to play this budget game and instead price your product with more solid numbers.

You will not have to manually create the ending prices of your product. If you prefer to end the price with .95 or .99 then you can easily use the Shopify settings options and set it easily on all products. This option makes it easier to price all the products with or without decimals.

2. Show Policies Clearly

One of the most common mistakes store owners make is that they forget to add their policies to their websites. When you get your online store with proper eCommerce solutions then you are assured that such mistakes do not happen.

Your return policies along with how the refund will be done and any other information should be clearly stated on the website. These policies make your website appear more legit and help to build trust with the clients. Shopify also has a set of policies that you can simply copy on your website.

3. Updated Inventory

Usually when people go shopping online, sometimes they make mistakes and in their eagerness end up buying 100s of a product in one go. This can absolutely overwhelm you as you will have to go through the complete process of updating your product inventory which will be a lengthy process. For this reason, try to add less than 25 products per day so you can focus on smaller batches initially. As the traffic on your website increases, you can add more products.

4. Channels of Promotion

Usually, the first source of promotion people use to promote their online store is to boost it on Facebook. However, if you are not aware of how Facebook ads work, then you will not get the desired results. Therefore, it is important to understand these channels of promotion properly before you start spending money on them.

Simultaneously you can also get free traffic on your website by promoting your products on other social media handles like Pinterest and Instagram. Being active on social media groups that are specific to your target crowd can be a good idea as well.

5. Mobile-Friendliness

7 Hacks That Every Shopify Store Owner Must Know About

Every store owner needs to put in all the best efforts to make sure that the traffic that arrives on their website can conveniently shop. One such way to ensure this is to make your website mobile-friendly.

More people are now browsing the internet and shopping online by using their mobile phones. If the images are not sized properly, then the prospective customer will find it hard to zoom in and look for the right products. This will lead to them abandoning your website and looking for what they need somewhere else.

6. Don’t Over-Customize

If you are selling customized products on Shopify then install ready-made products rather than explain to people how to do it themselves. Look for products that are trending and try to list them on your website.

This way your start-up cost will be low as people will buy the final product from you. You will not spend a lot of money on customizing your product and putting it together at different stations before it reaches the customer.

7. Use Generic Themes From Shopify

The same goes for the theme of your store. Professional designers have put together the different themes on the Shopify website after thorough trials and errors. Do not try to overcomplicate the theme and rather put your energy into promoting your products.

It is not the fancy display that will improve the sales. Furthermore, use logos that have more text and are easy to use on different products. Make sure the image resolution is good and you get the logo in the vector file so that it doesn’t sit uncomfortably in a box shape on your website.

The above tips can help you to simplify the process of selling your products on Shopify. The basic idea is to keep it simple and focus on selling a product that people need.