How to Edit Gameplay Videos with ShareFactory on PS4

I’m willing to guess that if you’re a gamer, you can point to at least one specific instance where you felt like you really slayed it.

But how can you possibly boast about such an incredible accomplishment if no one you know was there to see your flash of brilliance?  In that case, I recommend a tool called SHAREfactory.


How to Use SHAREfactory to Edit Gameplay Videos on PS4

Learn the ins and outs of using Sony’s SHAREfactory to edit PlayStation 4 gameplay videos with this guide.

I’ve recently revised this video and will do my best to make it easy to follow along. Here’s a blog I wrote on using SHAREfactory to edit PS4 gameplay videos, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Method 1: Creating a New Project and choosing a Theme

The first technique is to start a blank project and select a topic. The time to make something truly remarkable from the raw material has come.

To start a new video project in SHAREfactory, go to the File menu and select New Project.

You can also use screenshots (Photos) to kickstart a project, albeit this method leaves you with few possibilities for personalization.

After then, a list of SHAREFactory templates will appear. By selecting New Themes, you can browse the PlayStation Store for other themes to add to the preloaded collection.

Each theme in SHAREFactory has its own set of unique transition screens, screenshots, and original music tracks. Choose a suitable topic if your movie is intended for a certain video game.

The PS4’s clip library is displayed when you give your project a title. By selecting the desired video and clicking the “Add” button, you may incorporate it into your presentation.

Also, you should not fret over missing out on any recordings. It is possible to add on afterwards.

Method 2: Adding Overlay Elements & Splitting Clips

The use of special effects can transform an average gaming video into an instant hit with viewers.

Insert transitions and effects by selecting a clip, tapping the X button, and then selecting Add Overlay from the menu that appears.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of potential overlay components for your perusal. Your own photos can be loaded in and used as special effects or as placeholders for unique text.

When you insert an overlay element, it will remain visible until the end of the clip.

You’ll need to utilise a function called “splitting clips” to eliminate the element at a specific time before the clip ends.

Pressing the square button will accomplish this and close the overlay menu. In the new window, pick Split Screen.

You can split the video at any point by dragging the pointer there. When you press the X button, the video will be cut in two, with the second half being completely devoid of any overlays.

Method 3: Start a New Project in SHAREfactory

After you’re done recording, launch SHAREfactory. The following action is to initiate a new project that we will be working on. Videos or numerous screenshots from the gallery can also be used.

To proceed, select the “New Project” menu option. Then, a screen with many initial topic options will appear before you. Feel free to pick your own theme.

The next step is to give your undertaking a name. Please keep in mind that names can be any length up to 24 characters.


If you want to make a video using the SHAREfactory app, the first thing you’ll need to do is record some gameplay that you can then edit.

To begin recording, load up the game you wish to capture footage from, and press the DualShock 4’s SHARE button twice until the recording icon appears at the upper left of the screen.

After recording for as long as you like, use the SHARE button to store your gameplay to the system memory.