Shanghai Based Investor Lost His Life Savings

When Bernard had woken up one day and heard about a token named after the very and highly worldwide popular South Korean Netflix series “Squid Game,” he decided that this is the best way to invest as he could. He thought he had hit a big jackpot since the value of the coin or token was going up high.

Just one search revealed all the info that he would probably have needed to make that life-changing decision. Little did he know then that how badly it is going to backfire on him. There had been a lot of red flags about this token currency that had taken a lot of time and money on the internet. Many people have been intrigued by it, but many experts have also warned against it.

Shanghai Based Investor Lost His Life Savings

So Bernard might not have paid as much attention to the articles and the advice as he should have before he went ahead and decided to invest all the life savings that he had. The money equaled 28,000 dollars. On Monday, we saw that the token currency had hit a high of 2,869 dollars. This was the highest it went before it fell to zero.

This was a devastating blow to him. Many people who had invested their money in this also face the same suffering, but it seems to be more painful for him because he put all his eggs in the same basket.

“My rush to buy this token is for a single idea that went into my brain that ‘Squid Game’ is very, very popular now, and its token must be popular now,” he said in a statement that he made to the news. “It’s a tragedy. I don’t know how to recover my loss.”

He will be facing many problems with his family now, but we hope that they can recover from it. That is all for now.