Top Security Apps to Install on Your New Android Smartphone

In the era of the Internet, online security has gained even greater momentum as information has become much more valuable and our personal data is even more vulnerable to third parties.

And with cyber thieves being all around on everything from mobile apps impersonating Amazon representatives and even job ads, it is highly recommended to have the best apps to safeguard your data.

This is why we have compiled a list of great apps that can help you enhance their security on your device. Today is really important to be mindful whether you’re downloading anything on your desktop or mobile devices, so we’ve trawled the Internet to find only the best security apps for your device.

Top Security Apps to Install on Your New Android Smartphone

Avast Mobile App

Avast is a famous antivirus program that protects against malware, cyber threats, and viruses. It comes in both free and paid software versions, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The mobile app is synchronized with your desktop version and offers real-time protection. It also helps you lock the apps from third parties, use Avast VPN, and get rid of cache and unnecessary files.

Avast Premium Security has other additional features, such as anti-spam filtering, ransomware, and the VPN we’ve mentioned. So, based on your subscription, some features might not be available for the mobile app.

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If you are looking to play casino games or make purchases from your smartphone, then it’s really important to have proper protection. There are many different mobile casino applications if you’re looking to try your luck with casino games on the move.

Avast will definitely boost your protection, but it’s equally important for you to register on a safe casino site. This is one of the top online casinos in the US that employs cutting-edge security measures to create a safe gaming experience for its members. So, make sure to check out the Gaming license and security of the casino before registering on the site.


This is one of the best Android security Apps accessible from the Google Play Store. For one thing, you can obtain it for free with ads or donate to get a less distracting version of the Software.

Whatever you choose, this program will give you superb lock capabilities for all of your smartphone applications. Once enabled, each launch will require a PIN entry, shielding your information from any third parties.

For dual-layer protection, utilize Applock with a lock screen pattern or PIN. It enables you to lock your apps from messaging to social media, and it can also take photos of any intruder and also can utilize Fingerprint support. Beyond Pin security also offers pattern security and lock timeout.

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Search DuckDuckGo 

Because this is a security app that provides complete anonymity and enhanced security as a search Browser, it has a mobile and web-based version. DuckDuckGo has gained widespread support among security-conscious smartphone users.

It essentially operates as a search engine, similar to Google, but it is completely anonymous – there is no search history tracking that would allow the corporation to reveal your personal online activity.

Top Security Apps to Install on Your New Android Smartphone

Anti-Theft Phone Alarm

Anti-Theft phone alarm is a great app app for your phone that will trigger an alarm if you get discontent or sense a movement of the device. In addition, it will also send the new location of your device via email. So, it could be additional security for your device on top of the antivirus software and digital locks.


Glass Wire is designed to notify you about the data usage of mobile applications. It will assist you in gaining control of your data usage on your smartphone, notify you if any apps are randomly using Wi-Fi, and protect your personal information by tracking any suspicious activity of any apps on your device.

Furthermore, you may prevent programs from connecting to your Wi-Fi network, and there is a mobile firewall to safeguard you from cyber threats and enhance the cybersecurity of your device.

This program is primarily intended to keep you informed about your mobile device’s data usage; you can Review it by app, day, week, month, or virtually any other parameter you specify.