How to Search for People Through Their Names?

Are you trying to find someone online through their names? 

Google is not only an inevitable and one-stop destination in town. However, stalking is a major business, (when we specify the term ‘stalk,’ we are simply exaggerating), and is not at all recommended!

In the previous two years, various handy people searching platforms have emerged that offer a plethora of ways to identify people through their names, place, employment, and another criterion.

How to search for people through their names

When there are one-stop people search options, there are numerous ways to detect a long-lost friend, screen a prospective employee, or stalk an ex. So, in this article, we will talk about one such eminent search engine platform, CocoFinder.

A Quick Overview of CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a virtual destination where anybody can efficiently get public information by entering their first and last names, city.


Now, people-searching has become a hassle-free task, and you don’t need to rely on Google to find your relatives, friends, and someone’s property holdings. 

You just need to use the phone number or name of your long-lost friend, and he/she will automatically appear on your search result. 

Let’s find out how to search people through their names! 

What are those mandated public information I can get from people search report?

CocoFinder’s effective people search report offers you plenty of profiles of a person that includes all the relevant and available present and past information. You can even search for the address of someone here.

Moreover, it provides all types of crucial data that they have on public records along with some information they have given on the internet. 

Nevertheless, various people have various amounts of credible information on record; that’s why the search results might vary from one search to another. So, generally, you may find the below-mentioned information via the people search option from CocoFinder. 

  • Anyone’s vital record
  • Recent residential address
  • Criminal records
  • Phone number identity
  • Court records
  • Traffic tickets
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Arrest records
  • Recent age and date of birth
  • Background check
  • Mandatory records
  • Phone numbers
  • Sex offender data
  • Lien records
  • Landline numbers
  • Fraud and scam ratings
  • Business details

What is People Search?

People search is the leading process of rummaging all the mandated and available information about a person by their names. 

The renowned people search service of CocoFinder is a top-notch tool that can instantly give you access to all types of data about anyone by entering their first name alone. 

The people search is mainly used to detect almost everyone from your past days which you are not in contact with nowadays. On top of that, searching via this platform is an easier task to get any anonymous persons’ details! 

CocoFinder offers crucial information on almost every minute thing that they have accomplished, for example, their financial dues, addresses, criminal history, court procedures, and many more. 

The search engine of CocoFinder is interlinked to various public records, and there will be no misinterpreted data or data falsification present. It only amasses and demonstrates the correct information that social media and other public sources already possess.

How to search for people with their names?

It would be cumbersome for you to search someone online sans knowing their names, but it’s not that difficult for Cocofinder to find anyone! Suppose you know other mandated aspects about those people, like where they work, their residential address, and anything others. 

In that case, you will be able to find them on search engines utilizing their first names and other information. However, social channels are especially beneficial if you have robust connections in general on copious social tools.

Get a hassle-free people-searching experience through CocoFinder! In fact, it is extremely easier than and as facile as a daily Google search. However, have a look at the steps below of the people search process via CocoFinder. 

Step 1: Visit CocoFinder

You don’t have to access any app to search for people on CocoFinder. Visit the official site of it and hit the ‘people search’ tab to get started! It is situated on the right side of the home screen. 

Step 2: Enter the details of that person

Now, you need to fill up the details of that person you want to get information about! There are vacant fields like ‘first name,’ ‘Last name,’ and the ‘city,’ where you have to put that information. 

You may enter various data as CocoFinder will give you the best outcomes. However, if there are so many search results, and you want to concise your search, apply filters to get a more precise result. 

Step 3: Search and Find

After you’ve entered the name, hit the ‘start searching’ button to get started. CocoFinder will skim through its database and rummage all those suitable entries with your provided queries.

Whereas various people may have a similar name in the city, CocoFinder will offer copious results to you. After that, you can opt for the correct person with their detailed profile overview. Therefore, the entire searching process is easy, hassle-free, and secured. 

However, searching for any people’s records via traditional methods or manually is literally a time-consuming process. That’s why the people searching process of CocoFinder utilizes its seamless technology for superfast results within a couple of minutes. 

Why do you count on CocoFinder?

  • No data tracking

CocoFinder will never store your personal data and track those. Therefore, you will expect complete anonymity and privacy.

  • Enormous database

Via leading integrations with numerous public records originations has a leading database with billions of popular entries. Therefore, it will be difficult to miss any minute information on a person via this database.

  • Top-notch accuracy 

The data sources are as similar as the public records, leading to the highest precision compared to any leading people search engine. 

Concluding Words

Do you have more information like a phone number, a first name, or an address to ease your searches? If yes, the CocoFinder searching criterion becomes dramatically facile! 

You should always know who is residing around you, especially when you have shifted your location. So, if you are new to your locality and want to ensure a safer environment, the people search tool of CocoFinder is a highly efficient aid for you.