Why Scotland’s Gun Laws are Among The Safest in the World

Imagine living in a country where guns are so good at safety, it’s illegal for them to kill each other. Terrorist attacks? Completely unheard of. Knifings, street ramming, and drive-by shootings are a thing of the past.

Scotland’s gun laws are among the safest in the world — and now people from other nations want to know why. The Scots have effectively cut gun deaths by an average of 79% over the last 25 years, thanks to what some refer to as “tough” and “restrictive” firearms laws.

Why Scotland's Gun Laws are Among The Safest in the World

Should Scotland Have Gun Rights?

There is a lot of debate going on around the world about gun control. In America, it is believed that guns kill people.

Because of these beliefs, there were countless controversies, articles, and media discussions, and even students were among those who entered into it all with their gun control free essays, which can now be found on the net and learn about the restriction of rights. One country that is familiar with this debate in Scotland.

Scotland has stepped up to the plate to pursue a new stance on gun control. They want to repeal the act of 1997 which bans handguns. They also want their own tight restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

This article will simply look at whether or not Scotland should make changes to their gun control laws and what specifically they should change them to.

“The Law is Clear in Scotland that it is Illegal to Carry Any Kind of Firearm on Your Person Without Good Reason.”

“The law is clear in Scotland that it is illegal to carry any kind of firearm on your person without good reason,” said a spokesman for Police Scotland. “Good reason” means you have a license, or you’re an employee who uses a gun at work and needs it for your job.

If you don’t meet either of those criteria, police can arrest you and confiscate the weapon—and they’ll do so with no hesitation because they take their job very seriously. You won’t see many people carrying guns openly around town here, though there have been some exceptions over time (like during World War II).

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The Legal Systems in Scotland Seem Tight Enough that Most People Don’t Have Access to Guns.

You’re probably wondering how a nation with such strict gun laws has managed to keep its people safe.

The answer is simple: because this is not America.

Guns aren’t common here, and they certainly don’t play a part in Scottish culture. Our laws are stringent, our police force strong and effective, and we have little interest in owning them ourselves.

It’s also worth noting that while there are plenty of rifles used for hunting in Scotland—including deerstalking (a sport where hunters follow deer through the wilderness)—they’re almost never used for poaching or other criminal activity. In fact, most Scots have never even seen one outside of TV shows about British royalty!

In fact, the only guns that are legal for civilians to own in Scotland are 22-caliber rifles and shotguns. It’s a similar situation in England, where any gun possession must be licensed by the police and registered with the government.

Why Scotland's Gun Laws are Among The Safest in the World


As the statistics show, the Scottish Government has acted with a fair and level-headed approach to gun law reform. We should be proud that Scotland’s laws are among the safest in the world and we will continue this work.

The UK government must also now act quickly to ensure dangerous weapons are taken off our streets for good by introducing an outright ban on all semi-automatic weapons.