Scene Jonbenet Ramsey Funeral Open Casket

Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s brother, has spoken out for the first time since his sister was found dead in their house 20 years ago and he described how her eye had a “droopy” look to it in her casket.


Scene Jonbenet Ramsey Funeral Open Casket

Burke, who has avoided the media in the past, broke her silence when she was questioned on The Dr. Phil Show if she attended her daughter’s funeral when she was six years old.

Scene Jonbenet Ramsey Funeral Open Casket

When questioned about what it was like to see his little sister JonBenet for the last time on the day of her funeral, Burke spoke candidly about his feelings.

“Yeah, I recall seeing that. He reflected, “Her eyes were closed and the casket was little. Part one of Dr. Phil’s three-part programme with Burke, 29.

Aired on Monday, and some viewers were disturbed by Burke’s body language during their conversation.

Burke sat down for an interview in the house where JonBenet had been brutally murdered 20 years prior to Christmas and discussed why he had waited so long to speak out.

JonBenet’s Body Was Kept By Police For Three Days

It took the authorities three days to release JonBenet’s body to her family so they could have a proper burial.

On December 29th, an invitation-only memorial service was held at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado, and was attended by over 200 friends and family members.

According to Leslie Aaholm, spokesman for the city of Boulder, many police detectives engaged in “investigative” activities.

Later that day, retired naval officer John Ramsey flew a group of close relatives to Georgia, where they had lived until relocating to Colorado in 1991.

The body was transported by its own plane. Since her father was a deacon at Atlanta’s Peachtree Presbyterian Church, that’s where her services were held.

JonBenet was interred next to John’s 22-year-old daughter Beth, from his first marriage, who perished in a car crash in 1992. JonBenet was laid to rest wearing one of her pageant gowns and a rhinestone crown.


In an effort to solve his daughter’s death, JonBenet Ramsey’s father has asked the governor of Colorado to allow DNA testing to be performed on the crime scene by a private lab rather than the Boulder Police Department.

John Ramsey, who is still looking for answers to his daughter’s infamous 1996 death, made the statement during the CrimeCon 2022 convention in Las Vegas on Saturday. Thanks for read Scene Jonbenet Ramsey Funeral Open Casket.