Scala Managed Cloud VPS – Innovation at It’s Best

The success of every website depends on its hosting provider. The hosting you are choosing is the second part of launching a website. But first, the company you are choosing for hosting is the key decision. I am introducing Scala Managed Cloud VPS to my readers, who are interested in building a website.

scala hosting

Scala has been around for the last 17 years, maintaining two main data centers, one in the US and one in Europe. What’s unique about them is that they develop all their web hosting related software in-house. Thanks to that, it is the only company that is packed with unique technologies.

The features and range of products they are offering is really top class. The company has gained a well-maintained reputation by providing the best quality service to its users. Scala hosting avails all the possible tools required for hosting and expanding your business globally.

Scala is engaged in offering different Hosting services like Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and WordPress Hosting. Moreover, they offer secure and safe hosting with SShield Cybersecurity Protection.

Why Select Scala Managed Cloud VPS?

Scala has a positive view of expanding all over the world, offering a safe and secure service to all its users.

Every Webmaster knows the truth that Shared Hosting is not a safe choice. The main reason for that is that a large number of users have to share one particular server. In case any user faces hacking or some unsecure activity, the other users may get hacked too. So, the question here is why to stick with Shred Hosting.

The best Shared Hosting alternative today is Scala Managed Cloud VPS. The features of Scala Cloud that are mentioned below will make you believe that the Scala Managed Cloud VPS hosting is better than the Shared hosting:

1. Affordable Pricing

Scala Managed Cloud VPS is available at a fair price. Not only the price is attractive, but the features like SPanel, Daily Remote Backups, Cybersecurity protection are something that no one is offering in the market.

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Pricing

Scala Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Pricing Latest

2. Positive Reviews

A company can gain true respect only from its customers. The user review of Scala reflects its quality and dedication to provide better service to its users. Scala Cloud VPS was ranked as No. 1 in offering the best services in both Web Hosting as well as Cloud Computing by the US review platform TrustPilot.

Apart from this, Scala clouds have received several positive reviews from different web Hosting review platforms. Also, it has ranked as a top hosting provider in several classifications.

Review PlatformRatings
Website Planet4.8/5

3. Transparency

The service of Scala hosting is very simple and easy to use. Even new users will not find any difficulty in availing its services. The Scala Hosting provider offers the best transparent service globally. They have a simple and up-front pricing without any misleading extra surcharges. Also, they do not ask for annual prepayments; neither they increase their prices depending on the payment periods.

Scala Hosting does not force someone for long term contracts, so they ask their customers for a monthly payment basis. Despite this, they make their service level more effective so that the customers will attract towards them again.

Comparison Between SPanel and cPanel

SPanel is developed by Scala. In simple terms, SPanel is an advanced yet affordable alternative to cPanel. It is the achievement of Scala that they are so innovating and now users can enjoy the more advanced features of SPanel. Simply it is time to say Goodbye to cPanel. See the below image to understand the difference between SPanel and cPanel.

Price Comparison between SPanel and CPanel

What is SPanel

SPanel is a Hosting platform with “all in one” features. It handles all the cloud VPS services and possesses all the features required for the expansion of a website. SPanel charges very less license fees as compared to cPanel. Also, it provides extra beneficial features.

SPanel offers 100% safe and secure services as compared to shared web hosting. However, SPanel provides the utmost security to the users.

SPanel Features

1. SPanel is using a dedicated mail IP that simply assures 100% mail delivery.

2. SPanel offers a much better and useful user interface to its users. You can control emails, anti-spam, domain names, forwarders, DNS zones, SSL Certificates, etc. in a single click.


3. Admin Interface of SPanel is the module that shows why cPanel is of no use. Admins can now easily add, remove, and edit the accounts, change the passwords, and many more features.

4. SPanel has no restrictions. Hence, they can host unlimited Websites and Emails. It also offers a free SSL Certificate to every website that can be automatically installed as well as renewed.

5. In 2020 Site Speed is the key to rank websites in Google. SPanel understands this fact, and its users enjoy its benefit because SPanel is using OpenLiteSpeed, Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed Enterprise web servers all powered by the fastest SSDs for max IOPS.

6. Scala is offering a free trial of SPanel. You can get it by contacting Scala Support.

7. A major benefit of SPanel is the free migration services for unlimited websites without charging any fees.

8. PHP lovers are going to be a fan of SPanel. It allows you to use all PHP versions starting from 5.6 to the latest one.

1-Click WordPress Installer

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that creates Websites, Blogs, Woocommerce, and more. The maximum number of websites is created through WordPress, and thus users need a platform to manage these websites. Hence, Scala has designed a platform that manages WordPress Websites, and it is well known as SWordPress Manager.

Scala one Click WordPress Installer

Features of SWordPress Manager

Scala believes in innovation, and SWordPress is the result of their innovative thinking. SWordPress Manager helps the users to handle the WordPress websites easily with utmost security. Webmasters can install WordPress in a few seconds with the help of the SWordPress Manager. Users can manage unlimited websites with SWordPress Manager. Even a new user can access this easily.

SWordPress Manager Allows its User to

1. Quickly installing or deleting WordPress Websites.

2. Changing admin’s passwords in a single click.

3. Stay up to date by enabling automatic updates.

4. Allowing or disallowing of the security lock.

Apart from the above features, there are some upcoming features such as:

1. Cloning.

2. Backup and Restore.

3. Staging.

Security from the SWordPress Manager

WordPress is very popular among webmasters. Almost everybody wants to make a website on the WordPress platform. Therefore, hackers always keep an evil eye on WordPress sites.

However, the SWordPress Manager provides 100% security and several other features that prevent hacking. Once you install WordPress from the SWordPress Manager, your website will be protected by all its measures.


SWordPress Manager possesses the Security Lock feature that provides more safety and security. It locks all the files and directories and then restricts them from editing or uploading any new files. In short, no hackers can get your website. The website will continue its functions properly. Users can easily add or update new articles and pages on their sites.

In case, you want to install any new plugin or make any changes in WordPress manually, then first you need to disable the security lock. Once completed, you must enable the security lock.

Moreover, the SWordPress Manager will turn off the security lock automatically while automatic updates of the core or plugins will occur. After that, it will automatically turn on.

SShield for Website Security

Security is the most important aspect required in the Webhosting industry. Hackers are always trying to get over the websites, and this needs to be protected safely. In order to protect these websites, Scala Hosting has brought its own security module known as SShield that provides security to every website hosted with them.

SShield is a security system designed by Scala Hosting providers to protect their websites from hacking or malware issues. SShield has succeeded in restricting 99.998% of attacks online. It checks all the websites and collects all the required information regarding the attacks.

Furthermore, it creates a report and then dispatches to the owner of the website. The reports help the owners to know the best possible ways to restrict and fix the attacks and make the website secure and safe.

SShield keeps an eye on the website all time. In case any threats occur, the software grabs it and then collects all the information regarding the same. After that, it prepares a detailed report and sends it to the owner of the website.

Along with sending the reports, it guides the owner to handle the attacks and make their website more safe and secure.

What Made SShield Exclusive?

The best thing that makes SShield unique is that it is 100% programmed with built-in artificial intelligence. Unlike the other security systems, SShield does not depend on a virus database for gathering the attacks. In fact, SShield follows the logic, inspects code to gather the attacks easily. It automatically depicts the legitimate traffic and behavior. In case it finds any abnormal or unusual behavior, it starts working.

How to SShield Captures Malicious Behavior

Earlier, the security systems were responsible for protecting the computers and servers from the attacks. This mainly depends upon the databases with virus hashes.

These databases were required to scan and catch malicious attacks. However, it was not safe as the database will only notify the users when a new code attacks the website, and the hash of that code will be added to it.

The SShield has brought the solution. They have used artificial intelligence in their systems that detects malicious behavior without hampering the normal functionality of the website. The artificial intelligence catches the malicious activities on the website and also monitors both the files as well as processes through all the time, 24/7/365.

Final Words

I personally think Scala has done a great job making Hosting technology more advanced. They know the future. That is why webmasters around the world are now leaving shared hosting and choosing Scala Managed Cloud VPS hosting.

Scala’s SPanel, SWordPress Manager, and SShield show how they have changed the course of hosting a website. The features and price they are offering is really something I appreciate a lot. As a webmaster, I can surely say that Scala is the company that every webmaster should get in touch for all Hosting related needs.

If any reader has any questions or doubts related to this guide, then comment below. We will, for sure, help you.