Who was Saweetie Boyfriend

It seems that Saweetie has moved on from her previous relationship and is dating someone new. She sent what can only be interpreted as a flirtatious remark about a potential new romantic partner on Instagram only days before Valentine’s Day in 2022.

She posted a selfie of herself kissing a man on the forehead, but he was turned away from the camera as they enjoyed the moment. She captioned the image with an emoji of a person whispering.

From 2018 to 2021, Saweetie was in a significant relationship with rapper Quavo. It was speculated that the rapper had dated other men after their breakup.

Saweetie Boyfriend

Saweetie’s Romantic Past

Saweetie’s past and present boyfriends, as well as her actions and recollections from earlier relationships, will be examined in detail.

Featuring Saweetie & Keith Powers.

From the years 2010 through 2014. Saweetie and Keith Powers reportedly dated for four years before breaking up in 2014. Their connection is shrouded in mystery, as little is known about it.

But following their breakup, Powers said on “Hollywood Unlocked” that she was in a relationship for four years—from the time she was 18 until she was 22—and that it was “just too toxic for us.”

Saweetie And Justin Combs,

This 2016 Dated Document. Saweetie started seeing Justin Combs after her breakup with Powers. It’s unclear when the rumoured breakup occurred, but her 2018 track “B.A.N.” purportedly deals with her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. They initially connected in 2016’s summer.

We Got Saweetie & Quavo

Expires Between The Years of 2018 and 2021. Between the years of 2018 and 2021, Saweetie dated Quavo. When the Migos member appeared on the magazine’s cover in 2020, the rapper admitted that he was able to sneak into the rapper’s Direct Messages.

In reference to her song “Icy Girl,” I told her, “You an icy girl, you need a glacier boy.” Their breakup got controversial after online rumours circulated about Quavo’s alleged infidelity. This is a tweet from March 2021 from Saweetie. I don’t have a significant other.

There has been too much backstage treachery and hurt for there to be an untrue story circulating about me that diminishes my dignity. Scars can’t be healed with gifts, and “love” isn’t genuine if it’s shared with other women.

Quavo responded to the tweet by saying, “I had a love for you and was disappointed you did all that. I was mistaken about who you were; you’re not a woman. Nothing but the best for you, my friend.

James Harden and Saweetie

Possibly from the year 2021. Saweetie had apparently moved on by June 2021, with speculations circulating that she was seeing NBA star James Harden. Offset, a former member of Quavo’s group Migos, liked a tweet about the two of them, leading to speculation that they are dating.

James made news after responding to untrue rumours that he had transferred Saweetie $100,000 for a date via CashApp by sharing a few Instagram rumours.

Saweetie And Jack Harlow

Possibly from the year 2021. Saweetie and fellow rapper Jack Harlow were rumoured to be dating after they were overheard engaging in some friendly banter at the B.E.T. Awards 2021. Harlow walked over to Saweetie during her interview on the red carpet, extended his hand, and introduced himself.

Despite Harlow’s later denials that the two were more than acquaintances, their fans and followers on social media quickly began shipping them and praised Harlow for the classy way she introduced them.

Damson Idris and Saweetie

Possibly from the year 2021. In November of 2021, Damson Idris posted a video to his Instagram Stories in which Saweetie could be seen teaching him piano. Damson captioned the video, “My teacher.” Damson may be heard saying, “I wish I could play.” in his Instagram Story.

Saweetie responded by sharing the same video on her own Instagram, adding fuel to the fire of dating suspicions.

Saweetie And Lil Baby

Possibly from the year 2021. Saweetie and Lil Baby were rumoured to be getting close during a New York outing earlier that year. Sources allege that Lil Baby and the rapstress went shopping together in New York and that he spent $100k on her.

Security footage from the Chanel store allegedly showed the two together, according to insiders within the publication. Saweetie had just finished performing on Saturday Night Live in New York. Speculation that Saweetie and Lil Baby are hip-hop’s newest romance was fueled after she tweeted a photo of herself sitting on the lap of an unknown man.

Even more extreme measures were taken by a fan of the rapper who wanted to know who the rapper was cuddling with in the now-deleted post. A day later, it was revealed that the person in the photo was, in fact, Lil Baby, who was donning the identical clothing in real life.

Quavo And Saweetie Back Together? Who Is She Dating Now

A source said that Saweetie and Quavo had been secretly reuniting despite their public split in March 2021. The insider also learned that it is possible that the couple would get back together in the near future.

Saweetie addressed the rumours that she and Quavo were secretly dating by saying that they were not. The actress reportedly took to Twitter to set the record straight and explain why the rumours were baseless. Some of Saweetie’s supporters think she’s not being completely honest about her romance with Quavo.

Saweetie’s New York City condo was reportedly purchased by Quavo and registered in her name, according to the rumour. Because she is still a resident, it is possible that they are still dating. At this time, Saweetie remains unconvinced that the rumours are true.