10 Best ‘Sarahah’ Alternatives To Receive Constructive Feedback

Sarahah is an application that is used to receive feedback and opinions about the work of an employee or friends in a private way. It will help us to connect with people whom we know and can share their views and opinions in a message.

It is an instant messaging application with which a person can send a message, and the other can reply to it as soon as they see them.

This application is mainly used between employers and employees to share words of appreciation, encouragement, feedback, and more. The identity of the sender of the message remains anonymous. Anyone can download this app to their Android or iOS device.

Best Alternatives to Sarahah

In today’s digital era, feedback platforms have burgeoned, allowing for more direct communication. Among these, Sarahah emerged as a distinctive player, known for its promise of anonymity.

However, with its rising popularity came concerns and doubts. This guide will dissect what Sarahah is, its uses, advantages, and the queries surrounding its safety and existence.

What is Sarahah?

Sarahah, an Arabic term for ‘honesty,’ is an app and website where users can send and receive anonymous feedback. Launched in 2016, it quickly gained traction, particularly among the younger demographic, due to its distinctive feature of ensuring the sender’s anonymity.

10 Best Sarahah Alternatives to Receive Constructive Feedback

There are several other anonymous social networking services like Sarahah. A list of 10 best alternatives is being listed in this article.

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1. Spout

It is an anonymous location-based messaging application. This app will get you to connect with people around, share your opinions, feelings, and anything. This application is compatible with Android and iOS.

There is no need to create a profile to chat in Spout, and in this way, it maintains the anonymity of the sender of the message, giving them full freedom to express themselves without any fear and constraints.

2. Lipsi

Lipsi is another messaging application. Here the sender of the message remains anonymous until they reveal their identity. It is a location-based application that will let you connect with people within a particular distance.

This app lets you exchange messages without the need to be added to the contact. This app was launched in 2017, and now this has maintained its name in the top free apps list.

3. Stupid Chat

It is an application that is a free messaging app. The users can exchange unlimited messages through this app without revealing the identity of the sender of the message. The users can exchange their feelings, opinions, secrets, anything, and everything without revealing their identity and without the fear of judged by others.

The users can choose whichever name they want to chat with others. The messages sent will also disappear within 24 hours. This app is completely safe and secured to use.

4. Swiflie

Swiflie is a social media application with which the users can share anything like posts, views, opinions on its platform. The best part is that you need not have to share your identity to do all these things.

You can even comment or like the posts of the others anonymously. This application is compatible with both Android devices and iOS devices. This app not only allows you to send text messages but also images, videos, and GIFs.

5. Whisper

Whisper is an application launched in March 2012. It is an anonymous messaging app for both Android and iOS devices. It allows its users to not only share text messages but also videos and images too.

From the name itself, we get a hint of sharing things secretly. Likewise, here messages, opinions, views, advice everything is sent without sharing the real identity of the sender. The users of the app are completely free from the thought of being misjudged by others.

6. Candid

Like all the other apps mentioned above Candid is an anonymous messaging app to connect with other people. When you find yourself disturbed and need someone to pour out all your feelings with someone without revealing your identity, you can use candid for it.

The users can send unlimited messages through this app, and the receiver of the message can instantly reply to it. This application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

7. Sayat

Sayat is an anonymous messaging application to share feedback, much like Sarahah. The user interface of the application is very friendly. You can create a profile with any name of your choice. The only information you share with others is your gender and the chosen nickname.

This app also gives you an option to post the feedbacks received by you. The users can even comment or like the posts of others. It is a free social media application for both Android and iOS devices.

8. Covertly

It is a free messaging application. It is not famous and popular among people. But still, such an app exists, and there are people using it. With this platform, the users can enter into a discussion with others.

Here all the users have the power to upvote a post and downvote a post. By doing so, they can give visibility to a post. The user interface of the application is very responsive and friendly.

9. After School

The name itself may give you a hint of what it really is. Teenagers and students have to discuss their school matters, home works, projects, gossips, and whatnot. This app will help students get guidance from the resource center.

This application also hides the identity of the sender of the message. This app was initially released in 2015, and by 2016, there are about 20000 schools in America that became a part of the app.

10. Vent

With Vent, you are never alone. This app will help you get connected socially. If you feel alone and wish to talk with someone, you can do it with Vent. It is an online messaging app to share your fear, thoughts, happiness, have fun, and share messages with people worldwide.

The premium based account in Vent includes a 7-day trial, you can use the trail first, and if you are satisfied with the features and user interface, you can opt for the premium plan.

Does Sarahah Still Exist?

As of my last update in January 2022, while Sarahah had once dominated app charts, it had been removed from platforms like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store due to rising concerns over cyberbullying. However, variations and copycat apps might still be in circulation.

What is Sarahah Used For?

Originally intended for workplace feedback, Sarahah’s user base broadened, becoming popular among teens and young adults for personal use. Its primary functions include:

  1. Workplace Feedback: Offering anonymous constructive feedback to colleagues or superiors.
  2. Personal Insights: Getting honest opinions from friends or acquaintances without the fear of identification.

Who is the Founder of Sarahah?

Sarahah was founded by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, a Saudi Arabian developer. The platform was initially introduced within his professional circle to receive honest feedback from his peers.

Benefits of Sarahah:

  1. Honest Feedback: The cloak of anonymity often leads to more candid feedback.
  2. Personal Growth: Constructive criticism can lead to self-improvement.
  3. Enhanced Work Environment: In a professional setting, it can help identify areas of improvement, bolstering overall efficiency.

Is Sarahah Safe?

While Sarahah was designed with good intentions, its anonymity feature became a double-edged sword:

  1. Pros: Genuine feedback without fear of retribution.
  2. Cons: Became a breeding ground for cyberbullying, leading to mental health concerns.

Thus, while the platform has its merits, users, especially younger ones, need to be wary of its potential misuse.

Is Sarahah Free?

Yes, Sarahah was a free-to-use platform, both on its website and as an app. However, like many free apps, it did have ads for monetization.

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Summing Up

Getting connected with people are the basic needs of any human being. There are various platforms to get connected with people. But there are situations where we wish to share our feelings with someone without being judged and without creating a personal connection. In such situations, anonymous messaging apps may help you to do it.

Sarahah, in its heyday, represented a fresh approach to feedback, emphasizing honesty through anonymity. While its premise had the potential to foster constructive criticism and self-growth, it also inadvertently paved the way for misuse.

It serves as a reminder that while digital tools offer novel solutions, they come with their own set of challenges, necessitating cautious and informed use.

Here is a list of the 10 best alternatives to Sarahah. If you feel like connecting with unknown feelings and pouring out your emotion, then what are you waiting for. Download any apps and enjoy chatting!