Leverage Great Plains Salesforce Integration and Grow

At every level, coordinated ERP and CRM systems enmeshed through integration elevate productivity and availability of information. With better access comes more informed decision-making, more strategic use of opportunities, and heightening standards for output. When you get Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM integration, you sharpen your company’s ability to focus on growing sustainably.

This is because your integration means more transparency between all actors: clients, staff, and executives. Each can liberate their work (or their experience) from disorganized separateness. Rather the new system unties the constraints of siloed platforms, helping to put its data into market advantages and new capabilities coming from data replication and transfer—automatically.

Leverage Great Plains Salesforce Integration and Grow

Free your data and empower your employees. Review these top four benefits and helpful abilities that you can get through Great Plains and Salesforce integration. 

Sell More Accurately

Salesforce serves up customer information in ways that salespeople, support staff, and marketing managers need to perform, and Great Plains only adds to their insight.

Great Plains provides the inventory and operations data that can help inform your teams and push them to be more precise in their quotes, contact, and campaigns. With customers and clients, this looks like clear expectations and a smooth experience of business. 

Buy With Confidence

Some members of your organization deal in products with a completely different perspective. They are responsible for ordering and stocking the appropriate resources and supplies to keep business going.

Without stock and inventory, supply stalls and profits fall. Alongside the sales boost from integration, you’ll also see that ordering can be more accurate and predictive when Great Plains is combined with customer data and trends from a CRM.

Budget Through Prediction

Predicting how financials may be constrained or bloated in response to shortages, deliveries, and demands is far from simple. Often, shortages of inventory come, and they slow delivery of service along with the pace of income.

With integration, however, companies can anticipate the needs of their budgets, stock, and customers by connecting Great Plains with Salesforce. Afterward, they can see buying trends, create aggressive strategies, and allocate the right resources.

Rejuvenate Your Collaborations

As businesses and siloed databases grow, their teams also get pulled into their own sphere of work, seeing only what “needs” to be seen in their role. While integration always comes with permissions and access control, the connection is much more than a software choice for these teams who get isolated over time. Integration, in this way, means bringing teams together and into coordination as they collaborate through data.

The more complete picture of the organization and the real-time pace of information updates means a smoother, more productive work experience for employees as well. The insights of one department can be shared without unnecessary difficulty like manual data entry and requests for records. The work itself is then enhanced by the ability to see orders and service requests alongside customer histories and profiles.

Personalize for Customers

Your business offers a solution that closes a gap in your client’s life. As you try to supply products that appeal, solutions that work, and satisfaction that lasts—a lack of internal connection could be hampering improvement. When Great Plains and Salesforce can comfortably coexist and seamlessly connect, you can personalize for your customer, creating more business and improving loyalty.

In the past, collaborations between your teams and representatives may have shown your customer a lack of coordination that made them doubt your competence. Maybe your team lacked speed when retrieving information, or they couldn’t perform a function with their limited view of the business. Instead, integration gives them the most accurate, relevant, and helpful data they need to create an experience.

For instance, even something as simple as timely billing tells your customers that you have a handle on transactions and clients. With more complexity, the combination of integration also enables self-service and automation. The impression of this is important and helps your customer feel they can customize and control the interaction they have with you.

Microsoft Great Plains Salesforce integration benefits customers, leadership, and representatives with full-spectrum access to data.

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