5 Best Free Roku Apps In 2024

Roku is a tiny, square device that can be connected to one’s television for one to be able to view movies, TV shows, serials, live news etc. using some apps. A Roku device can let its user’s binge content using some applications/channels. You would be happy to learn that not all these channels require you to pay for you to be able to access its content.

There are some applications available that are compatible with your Roku device and they don’t even charge a single penny! This is highly beneficial for those who are trying to stick to a budget yet crave to view different types of content.

This article explores and lists down some of the best free Roku apps in 2022. You can test all of them out for you to be able to figure out and find a channel that is best suited to your content-binging requirements.

5 Best Free Roku Apps In 2022

1. The Roku Channel

This application is Roku’s very own cost-free content streaming channel. All Roku users have access to it for absolutely no price to pay. It comes equipped with a multitude of content providers ranging from popular movies to kid’s shows and from live news to action serials.

Moreover, content on The Roku Channel is always updating i.e., new content is continuously being included in its list of movies and shows for all of its viewers to enjoy.


This application is one of the most popular platforms in its domain. In addition to being completely free of cost, it comes equipped with over 100 channels. These channels consist of content ranging from action thrillers to rom-coms, from sci-fi to sports.

It also provides viewers with news and weather updates. This channel is known to deliver what it promises so that none of its clients remain unsatisfied with the amazing service that it provides.

3. WeatherNation

This channel is the most popular weather-related content providing application. WeatherNation is equipped to provide its users with information about weather forecasts from certified meteorologists and other well-known and trusted sources.

It also gives its US users access to certain local weather information from the National Weather Service, weather maps, etc. To use the amazing features of this app, all one has to do is set up one’s location. This enables one to view all data such as temperature, rain predictions, humidity and cloudiness, sunrise and sunset timings, etc.


This application gives its clients access to over 190 channels. All of these are free to avail by all Roku device users. XUMO is known to quickly update its collection of content which ranges from stand-up comedy to breaking news, from well-known famous movies to sports media, from TV serials to news broadcasts. XUMO never fails to impress its users and is among the favorite free Roku channels.

5. Crackle

This channel is one of the highest in-demand Roku applications in 2022. Being absolutely free, it offers amazing services to all Roku users who opt for Crackle. One can easily find a diverse collection of movies and shows on here.

The content includes a varied combination of classics, dramas, thrillers, actions, fandoms, comedies, romantics, documentaries, and a lot more! One great and completely unique feature of Crackle is that it comes equipped with certain content categorized under “Crackle originals”. These movies/shows are one of a kind and are only available on here!

Wrapping up

We hope this article helped address some of your concerns related to the Roku device and the free applications compatible with it. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on into the world of movies, shows, news programs, and a lot more. Cook up a tub of popcorn, get into your cozy bed, and go to one of these Roku channels. Explore a wide plethora of free content and binge to your heart’s content!