Riding a Bike in America Should Not Be This Dangerous

Andre Letana, 13, rides her bike to school on a Thursday morning in March and stops at the red light at El Camino Real and Grant on her way to eighth grade. Outside of Silicon Valley, you’ll find this route.

The crossroads of El Camino and Grant are among the busiest in the area, as they are located near two important state routes.

Riding a Bike in America Should Not Be This Dangerous

When Traveling on the World’s Most Dangerous Highway. There aren’t any bike lanes or other safety elements at intersections to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe from speeding cars.

Instead, the intersection is a paved tribute to the automobile. It’s on two corners, but the petrol station occupies both.

Third place goes to American tyre shops, and fourth to BMW dealers in the United States. The layout of its roads is geared for the swift passage of automobiles and trucks at the expense of any other road users.

Drivers at every intersection are permitted to turn right on a red signal, ensuring constant gridlock.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Says You Can Call It An Accident

Andre’s death might be categorised as merely accidental. But as the journalist Jessie Singer has written, in most of American life, many “accidents” are far from accidental.

They are instead the inevitable result of political and economic decisions that society has made, and they might have been prevented had we made alternative, safer choices.m.

One dollar bills are on the way to every state and city. Now that she has won the fight on immigration, citizenship, and “national identity.”

Le Pen can focus on more practical concerns, such rising energy costs and the cost of living, thanks to the $2 trillion in infrastructure funding that Congress authorised last year.

Carroll Fife and Noel Gallo, both of Oakland’s city council, have proposed measures to increase citizen participation.

Advocates for safer roads have told me that this funding represents a once-in-a-generation chance to save American roadways.

But that in order to maximise its impact, we must be open to a fundamental shift in how we approach this issue.


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