10 Best Free Registry Cleaner for Windows 10

There has been no shortage of theories when it comes to the question – What exactly is it that slows down a computer? Many creative reasons have been made responsible for being the cause of this common trouble. One of the more frequently mentioned reasons is faulty hardware. However, that is completely wrong.

Most of the hardware materials are durable in essence and last a lot longer than you expect them to. Hence, changing your computer setup every now and then by blaming your hardware to be not up to the mark is mostly just an assumption. This leads us to again ask us the question – Then what is slowing down my computer? Now, we take a look at the software portion of your OS.

Your operating system may be at the heart of your PC slowing down. It might be that your system is overloaded with the burden of applications that are very demanding to the OS. Sometimes, the sheer number of applications can cause this problem as well. This might lead you to trace your steps back and reinstalling the Operating System altogether.

What is a Registry?

The Registry is like a database in your computer which contains all the information about the settings, options, and all related things regarding the software as well as the hardware installed in your operating system. The registry cleaners, on the other hand, remove and clear the outdated registry entries from your Windows registry.

These might have been left by redundant Windows services or other uninstalled programs. As the Windows OS itself doesn’t clean the registry itself, the registry cleaner has to come to play. However, Windows does provide software to do the necessary registry editing – Windows Registry Editor.

10 Best Free Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10

Let us now take an in-depth look at the registry cleaner software available and how we can use them. We shall now enumerate 10 such efficient software for you to choose from.

1. iolo System Mechanic

This system mechanic is indeed a one-stop-shop for many feats. It can increase your CPU speed, provide better download speed, enhance graphics and improve the health of your drive. It has essential features which would optimize the performance of your PC and remove non-essential data to free up space for your Operating System. Iolo has great user feedback and a proper design, which is quite user-friendly.

2. Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte is very commendable for its quick fix feature. This software is rapid in scanning and identifying the problem before proceeding to solve it. Comparatively lightweight, this app can be downloaded in under 1 minute with a decent internet connection.

It can solve more than a hundred common errors and does a commendable job in boosting the speed of your PC. Another attractive feature about Outbyte is that it allows a free trial before your licensed purchase of the product (unlike iolo System Mechanic).

3. CCleaner

CCleaner is undoubtedly one of the best and most reliable freeware out there for your PC. It is extremely popular and is very well-reviewed. It has an inbuilt registry cleaning software that does much of the job without you needing to coax it. It also seeks the user’s permission before taking any major step. The interface is plain and tidy.

CCleaner Free Registry Cleaner Software

The premium version of CCleaner can be purchased through different plans, and you can choose the one which is economically most beneficial to you. The premium version offers priority support and automatic browser cleaning, among many other features. Overall, it is a must-try app.

4. Auslogics Registry Cleaning

Perfect for most Windows users, Auslogics is known for being effective in the Windows OS. The interface is not very appealing but offers an organized and categorized view. Auslogics has the inbuilt feature of backing up and storing data changes it makes to the registry.

You can prevent this by clicking on the Backup Changes in the settings section. However, Auslogics is known to install additional software in your PC during installation. The additional, optional features too might be a bit too expensive for the liking, but overall, it is worth a try.

5. Wise Registry Cleaner

An extremely lightweight and easy-to-use app, Wise Registry Cleaner is just 3.8 MB in size. The interface is not only interactive but simple. You can schedule a cleaning routine which might be daily, monthly, weekly, etc.

The pro version has a multi-user cleaning feature which is ideal for family computers and public computers used by multiple users in an office. We would advise you to purchase and try the pro version as it has some good features. If it’s not up to the mark, then don’t worry, you can cancel it at any time, and Wise Registry provides an excellent 60-day money return guarantee.

6. Jetclean

Jetclean is a quite popular registry cleaner developed by Bluesprig. It is a very compact app having a size of just 3MB. Jetclean is extremely fast and lets you create a portable version of the app. It even boosts gaming performances to an extent.

Jetclean has a neat and simple interface that you can operate easily with your mouse. This software is a decent enough app to try if you are looking for a low-maintenance cleaner which to give your PC a refreshed touch.

7. Defencebyte

Defencebye is an effective cleaner that goes out of its way to analyze the entire registry and scan for potential issues to fix. The developers provide a wide array of products with many different functions. All the products have a 30-day free trial package as well. The homepage of Defencebyte boasts of providing an instant boost to your PC, which it delivers to some extent. This app also troubleshoots your PC fixes common problems with relative ease.

8. AML Cleaner

Equipped with a very basic and easy-to-use interface, AML Cleaner is extremely fast in its function and is a well-dedicated registry cleaner. This cleaner comes pre-installed with 22 types of file extensions that can be usually considered disposable but happen to extend the range by letting you add your own files.

AML comes with an extra backup and system restore function. Sizing just 2.76MB, this lightweight app also lets you search for words in the registry. It provides a detailed account of the programs and processes running for the user to see and evaluate.

9. Easy Cleaner

This multi-featured system maintenance is effective in its function of regularly cleaning the Windows registry and providing a boost to your system’s performance. The interface is user-friendly, and the software provides quick and automatic backups. Furthermore, it is customizable according to the user’s needs and happens to even clean up space from files saved twice.

However, there are some issues with this software. The most notable being its slow scanning and lack of scheduling options. Easy Cleaner also does not come out with regular updates, which makes it difficult to run on all PCs. All in all, it is rated a solid 3.9 out of 5 from 299 user reviews on Softonic.

10. Glarysoft Registry Repair

Great free software to clean up your registry on Windows 10; Glarysoft does safe and sound scans on your PC before fixing the issues. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the issues it scanned on your PC and can recognize more than 18 different kinds of faults.

The automatic backup feature of this app is a boon and relieves the user from a lot of extra effort. This software provides regular updates and is very easy to handle. If you happen to love this software and want to take the next step, then we suggest you purchase the pro version of Glarysoft. The Softonic website gives it an excellent 8/10 overall rating and confirms that this app is 100% clean.


A slow PC can be very frustrating and difficult to work with, especially in a work environment. It can be even more frustrating to not know the cause of this problem. That is why registry cleaner software are important as they not only analyze the problem but also fix it for you.

In this article, we have spoilt you for choices by listing out (and providing the link to) 10 of the absolute best registry cleaners out there. We have carefully picked these out for you through thorough scrutiny of user reviews and from our own technical experience.

These cleaners can help you give your PC the extra push it needs. It gives the operating system a good nudge and also improves gaming performances. Most of the apps that we have listed happen to have a free version which is handy for any user. We suggest you try out at least 3 of the registry cleaners and settle for your favorite eventually by purchasing its premium version.

This article has also been written simply and lucidly for a better understanding by people from every sphere of life, even those who are not well accustomed to the technical jargon. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the article and go-ahead to try these amazing applications out!