How To Fix “Reddit Search Not Working” (10 Simple Methods)

What Can I Do If Reddit Search Not Working? Now that we know what causes the Reddit Search Not Working, we can fix it. Now, let’s talk about how to get rid of the problem. If at all feasible, please attempt each of the following solutions.

Reddit, often dubbed “the front page of the internet,” is a platform where users share, discuss, and vote on content. With its vast range of subreddits and posts, searching effectively is essential.

But what happens when search functionalities break down, or there are concerns about bans? This article provides insights into Reddit’s search system, common issues, and user concerns.

What is Reddit Search?

Reddit Search is a built-in feature that allows users to find specific posts, subreddits, or user profiles. By entering keywords or phrases into the search bar, you can filter results based on relevance or recency.

Given the sheer volume of daily posts, the search function is vital for navigating the platform efficiently.

Causes of “Reddit Search Not Working” Issue

Occasionally, users might find that Reddit’s search function isn’t yielding results. Several factors can contribute to this:

  1. Server-Side Issues: Sometimes, the problem lies with Reddit’s servers. High traffic or technical glitches might affect various functionalities, including search.
  2. Browser Problems: Outdated browsers or corrupted cookies and cache might prevent search from working correctly.
  3. Mobile App Glitches: For those using the Reddit app, bugs or outdated app versions can affect search functionality.
  4. Search Query Issues: If the search terms are too vague or contain typos, this can affect the results.

Method 1. Performing a Device Restart

The first thing you should try if an app is acting erratically is to restart the device. You can save battery life, reduce crashes, improve performance, and preserve memory by restarting your phone once a week.

Most issues may be fixed by simply restarting the device, making this a simple and straightforward solution.

Reddit Search Not Working

Method 2. Verifying Reddit’s Server Status

If no other websites or applications are experiencing issues, but Reddit is, the problem is certainly widespread. Make sure Reddit isn’t experiencing a server problem before continuing. Reddit also provides news and updates on the platform.

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To learn more about what keeps Reddit online, check out Reddit Status on the Reddit website. The “subscribe to updates” button in the upper right corner can be used to get alerts in the event of a problem.

Method 3. Remove Temporary Files and Restart

If the Reddit app becomes stuck while performing an action, such as loading subreddits, you can force close it. It’s possible that some programmes can keep running in the background even if you close them.

If you’re encountering issues with the Reddit app, one solution is to force stop the app. This will stop any and all foreground and background processes associated with the app.

Additionally, you can try rebooting your device or erasing the app’s cache to see if it helps. The Reddit app, like many others, makes heavy use of caching to speed up load times and enhance the user experience.

A unusual behaviour, such as a crash or slowdown, could result if the cache capacity is exceeded. There will be an issue with the Reddit app’s cache becoming corrupted if your phone’s storage is too full.

Method 4. Always Use the Most Recent Update Available.

Always use the most recent version of the Reddit API in your app. Every time you update the software on your Android phone, you’ll notice some new way in which it differs from the previous version. If the Reddit app isn’t loading, it may be time to upgrade it from the Play Store.

Method 5. Exit and Sign Out

It’s possible that the app’s loading problems stem from a breakdown in contact with Reddit’s server. The issue is usually fixed after signing out of the app or signing in with a different account (if you have one).

Method 6. Verifying if You are a Beta Tester or Not

Beta refers to the testing version. The beta version has many of the same capabilities and data as the final product, plus the new features.

If you joined the beta programme but are now having issues, uninstall the beta and start over with the stable release. While beta software often has new features, it is still not stable enough for widespread use.

Method 7. Filtering Results

Reddit’s search function allows users to narrow results by gender and location. It helps the Reddit app and mobile browser learn what kinds of articles you’re most interested in. If you’re having problems loading content, make sure the search filter is turned on in the app’s settings.

Method 8. Delete the App and Reinstall it

Similar to restarting the software, uninstalling and reinstalling it can often fix problems. You can try reinstalling the Reddit app if you’ve already tried uninstalling it.

Method 9. Verifying a Working Network Connection

Verify that the problem is not with your Internet connection and try loading the Reddit app again. It’s likely that issues exist with either your home Wi-Fi or mobile data subscription.

Simply switching to a different online page in your computer’s or mobile device’s browser will allow you to verify the network’s functionality. It’s likely that your internet connection is malfunctioning if nothing opens properly.

In addition, rebooting your router will offer you with a faster internet connection and a new IP address, both of which can help you fix the underlying problems you were experiencing.

Method 10. Turn off Ad Blockers

Ad-blockers may improve the user experience on a website by removing the annoying advertisements that pop up on every page load, and they appear to have a built-in mechanism that intercepts all traffic and then passes on the filtered version, but in some cases, this has caused issues when conducting a search on Reddit.

Identifying If You’re Banned on Reddit

Being banned from a subreddit or from Reddit entirely can limit functionalities. Here’s how to discern a ban:

  1. Shadowban: This is a unique type of ban where you can still post and comment, but no one else sees your activities. To check for a shadowban, log out of your account and try to view your user profile. If it’s inaccessible, you might be shadowbanned.
  2. Subreddit Ban: If you’re banned from a specific subreddit, you’ll typically receive a message informing you of the ban.
  3. Site-wide Ban: If Reddit bans you entirely, you’ll be unable to log in, and an attempt will yield a message indicating the ban.

Clearing Your Reddit Cache

Reddit cache comprises stored data that helps the platform load faster. Over time, this data might become corrupted, causing various issues. Here’s how to clear it:

  1. On Desktop:
    • If you’re using a browser to access Reddit, the process will involve clearing your browser’s cache. This method varies by browser but generally can be found in the ‘History’ or ‘Settings’ sections.
  2. On Mobile:
    • For the Reddit app, you’d need to clear the cache through your phone’s settings.
      • For Android: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’ > ‘Reddit’ > ‘Storage’ > ‘Clear Cache.’
      • For iOS: The Reddit app doesn’t offer a direct way to clear cache. You might need to reinstall the app or clear cache for the Safari browser in ‘Settings’ > ‘Safari’ > ‘Clear History and Website Data.’

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In summary, while Reddit offers a rich platform for discussions and content sharing, like any website, it has its quirks and challenges. By understanding its search functionalities, potential issues, and managing cache, you can navigate Reddit more efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re a casual browser or a dedicated Redditor, a seamless Reddit experience is within reach.