Top 8 Alternatives to RedBox TV in 2023

You want to watch TV but do not want to sit in front of the screen than it is a perfect place. RedBox is an android application to watch TV channels on your android devices. It has all types of channels and shows as per your interest.

All the channels are perfectly organised for easy search and evaluation. The interface is very simple and straightforward. The search functions are simple and easy to use.All the channels are categorized, you can select the shows as per the subject or country. You can watch your favourite shows and channels anywhere.


Top 8 Alternatives to RedBox TV

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1. Morpheus TV

It has a popular base among the users and it is because of the unique features it offers. The number of channels is around 700 according to the region and it is sure to have your favourite show.The streaming is simple through the application and offers no buffering or resistance to your entertainment. The user interface is amicable and the application is free of cost at the users end.

The features are appreciable as well, including better video quality resolutions and you can configure it according to your prerequisites.

2. Loola TV

It is one of the best tools to go live on various social media platforms. The feature rich application is a wonderful solution for content creators and live stream management software.

You can manage every bit of your video with little effort. Moreover, you can also customize your chat interface with the help of several templets. You can make changes to the templets as well. It has very easy to use features that are effective about your live streams. You can manage and change the content of your videos such as applying effects and changes.

3. WhatAired

WhatAired is a one stop destination for all TV show lovers and comes as an alternative to RedBox HD. It helps you to keep track of your favorite TV show such as the episodes and when they were aired.It has many more interesting features and it offers everything free of charge. You get recommendations regarding new episodes and suggests shows that you can enjoy.

And can create a personal tv guide to remind you when your favourite shows are aired.The interface is appealing and easy to understand. You can discover and stream the shows without break. You can share the episodes and follow your friends on the platform.

4. Tappir

Tappir allows you to discover, stream and track TV shows and offers the services in both web and application platforms. You can easily track the episodes that you have watched and the ones that are going to be aired.Tappir has many other amazing features to add such as you can make your list of favorite shows and add more as you discover and track its progress.

You can rate the episodes and also see at a large how they are rated.Another important feature is about its view. They are season view and calendar view. In season view all the episodes are selected according to their season and in calendar view, they are arranged on the basis of the date when they were aired.

5. CnemaCentre

It is a free source through which you can stream and track your favorite TV shows. The details about each of the episodes is displayed when they are aired. And it also has web as well as mobile application support.

It has a huge collection of shows and series to enjoy. And surfing through the platform is very easy because of appreciable interface support. To save your time finding a movie to watch it has a recommendation system to suggest.The other features include timely updates regarding the latest shows and categories build on basis of similar stuff.

6. Flicktion

Flicktion is an online application that helps you to track the movies you have watched, create your own movie list, and track the new movies. You can discover new movies and watch them seamlessly.

You can enjoy it on any web browser and is a free solution. It supports an easy-to-use interface and it integrates with many movies streaming sites that would make you search your movie effortlessly.It also supports the social feature of sharing the lists with your friends and enjoys the movie together.

7. Moviebase

The application is for android users. It has a large collection of movies, series and shows. All the trending and latest stuff to most viewed movies and channels is updated regularly.Searching and exploring new movies and shows is easy with swift search functions. You can create a list of movies you like and those you want to watch later.

You can also mark the watched movies.It offers another important feature where you can sync through the platform and operate data from Trakt and TMDB and find movies from each of the sources.

8. Flixi

Flixi has wide range of content for streaming. There are plenty of films and shows to watch and enjoy. It has large network connection throughout the country.

On the basis of your taste and movies you like and want to watch, it uses AI to give recommendations and makes the search easy and effective. As more movies you watch, the recommendations as per your likes are displayed.

It sorts out everything at one place, such as all the information regarding the tv show and updates. It too offers a watch list to save the movie and shows you would like to save at one place. Lastly, you can recommend the movies and shows to your friends and family while also get it as easily.

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RedBox is a great platform for tv shows and more content to enjoy while its alternatives have many unique features and functions. The applications are worth trying and sure to give you entertainment. Many applications have movies while many are exclusively for tv shows and some offer both of them as well.