Rafael Nadal Beats Denis Shapovalov Amid Charge of Favoritism

Denis Shapovalov, a Canadian tennis player, has repeated allegations that Rafael Nadal enjoys special treatment from the authorities.

Twenty-time Grand Slam winner Federer defeated 22-year-old Shapovalov in a thrilling five-set quarterfinal match at the Australian Open. The match went the distance, with each set going the distance.

Rafael Nadal Beats Denis Shapovalov Amid Charge of Favoritism

After surrendering the first set, a frustrated Shapovalov complained to chair umpire Carlos Bernardes about Nadal’s lethargic play and the lack of intervention from the official.

At the beginning of the second set, Shapovalov informed Bernardes, “He’s not ready to play. Are you kidding me? You guys are all corrupt, you guys are all corrupt.”

Nadal’s stomach ache helped Shapovalov win the third and fourth sets, but the Spaniard came back to take the deciding fifth.

In Response to the Young Canadian Shapovalov’s Charge, Nadal Gently Refuted it. I Disagree With Him,” Nadal Argued

After Shapovarov’s championship match, Rod Laver pointed out that the young Russian did not help his cause by playing a tense, error-filled game and dropping the serve in the first game of the fifth set.

The volley crashed the racket on the blue hard court of the arena and sailed far off target after the player was soundly defeated.

During his nearly 20 years as a professional tennis player, Nadal never once smashed his racket in anger.

At the Canadian Open in Montreal, Shapovalov was the first ball boy to meet Nadal, but the Spanish winner left the nine-year-old feeling unfulfilled.

Unfortunately, he lost his first match of 2017 in dramatic Hollywood fashion. Nadal complained during play and afterward that he was given extra time in between points.

Shapovalov may have gone for broke on Tuesday, but his rounded eyes are reminiscent of the Spanish.


Tennis has been played with such fervour for so many years, and Rafael Nadal had plenty of chances to bring it back together at this year’s Australian Open.

His remarkable comeback from injuries has propelled him, at age 35, to the playoffs. Defeated Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in a three-set final to earn his 21st Grand Slam singles championship.

Shapovalov didn’t hold back on Tuesday, even though his rounded eyes suggest he may have once been a Spaniard.