PSGs Aminata Diallo Arrested After Attack on Club Teammate

Aminata Diallo, a midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, was arrested on Wednesday for an alleged attack on a colleague.

The France national team player was taken into custody early on Wednesday for an assault that occurred the previous week.

PSGs Aminata Diallo Arrested After Attack on Club Teammate

According to the same sources, Hamraoui and two other PSG colleagues were riding in Diallo’s car that night after they left a club dinner in Paris.

Sources say that as the car drew away from the house, two men in balaclavas armed with iron bars dragged Hamraoui out and began beating her on the legs. Assaulting the men lasted for two minutes before they made their getaway.

She Has Been Taken to The Custody

The Versailles Regional Police Service has arrested Aminata Diallo, a midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain women’s soccer.

For an attack on a teammate last week, the French club announced in a statement on Wednesday.

L’Equipe stated on November 4 that 26-year-old Diallo had attempted to harm a teammate by having two masked men drag Kheira Hamraoui out of a car and abuse her.

Paris St. Germain confirmed on their website that Diallo had been arrested by the Versailles Regional Police Service.

The previous morning in connection with an ongoing investigation into an attack on the club’s players.

Who is Aminata Fatou Diallo?

French football midfielder Aminata Fatou Diallo was born on April 3, 1995. Diallo’s Paris Saint-Germain colleague Kheira Hamraoui was attacked in the street by two masked men in November 2021.

After they dragged her from the club-issued car Diallo was driving. Diallo was pinned down but was not seriously hurt.

Diallo was taken into custody on 10 November 2021, on suspicion of orchestrating the attack. Diallo was held by police for 36 hours before she was released without charges.

She was initially arrested in September 2022, but she was re-arrested that same month on allegations of serious bodily harm.


According to BFM TV, Hamraoui was struck with a metal club multiple times and required stitches for her hands and legs while Diallo was driving them back when several guys in masks attacked.

As PSG hosted Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage on Tuesday night, Diallo started in the middle of the field.

Hamraoui returned to PSG from Barcelona in the offseason after Barca defeated them in the Champions League semi-finals earlier in the year.

When Diallo arrived at PSG from Guingamp in 2012, Hamraoui was already a member of the team.