10 Best ‘Proxy’ Server Services Provider Sites of 2024

Do you know why do we need Proxy Server Services? Proxy addresses can tackle significant problems with social media and web scraping. As it turns out to be, the internet has run out of IP addresses, and if you are someone who has spent time on online marketing or web scraping, then you probably know why this is a huge problem.

If a proxy address is used a lot of times for scraping, it has very high chances of getting banned. This event will make that proxy address worthless. IPv4 addresses are costly, which is because they are used so much in today’s time.

But they are not secure and also reveal a lot of information to a target website than desired. In an era dominated by online interactions, the quest for privacy, speed, and accessibility has led to the advent of proxy servers and VPNs.

While the terms are often used interchangeably, they serve distinct purposes. In this article, we’ll demystify proxy servers: their providers, their comparisons with VPNs, their benefits, and more.

What Is A Proxy Server, How It Works and Why You Should Use It?

A new IPv6 proxy protocol has been developed to deal with such issues, and it has been accepted worldwide for this purpose. It provides more IPv6 proxy addresses than we could ever use. 3.4 x 1038 to be precise as compared to the meager 4 billion addresses under IPv4 protocol.

Why We Should Use A Proxy Server, How It Works

It ensures that you can gain access to a lot more IPv6 proxy addresses for very cheap rates as compared to the older IPv4 standard. IPv6 proxy addresses are supported by well-renowned websites like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.

Even you can use Torrent and Unblock Alternatives Sites Like 1337x. Along with being very pocket-friendly, another reason to use IPv6 proxies is that its use will eventually lead to the retirement of the old IPv4 protocol.

Hence all the more reasons to start using it right away. The cost of IP addresses can vary from country to country, whether or not the proxies are rotated or static and quantity being purchased.

10 Best Proxy Server Services Provider

Go through this guide if you are looking for an Proxy Server Services Provider. You can use the advantages of IPv6 proxies to increase its speed, accessibility, and affordability.

Given below is a list of 10 best IPv6 Proxy providers, according to us. I hope this list helps you find a suitable Proxy Server Service. Let’s get started!

1: Proxy Seller

Many Proxy Server providers offer the ability to Fast connection speed. but this is the sole purpose of Proxy-Seller. Proxy Seller provides a handy calculator on the homepage that allows the user to input the exact desired number of addresses needed to receive an instant price quote.

Their price ranges from 16 cents per unit for five proxies. It can even go down to 11 cents per unit when buying 100 or more. There exists a very wide variety of Dedicated proxies that you can use. We advice you to use HTTPs Proxies.

ProxySeller - Best IPv6 Proxy Services Provider for Web Scraping

This suggests that bulk pricing reduces the prices even further. For example, 1000 proxies for 8 cents each and 5000 proxies for 5 cents each and so on. All of their plans offer unlimited traffic along with 24/7 tech support.

Proxy Seller site even provides built-in chat support with a representative to answer all your questions. Its addresses are located in 7 different countries. But to buy proxies from multiple locations, it is mandatory to create separate orders.

Two rotator proxy packages are located in Russia and Ukraine, but the pool is only from 2000 proxies. All the other options are static. Also, the price of the IPv6 proxies varies from country to country. Proxies in the United States are the most affordable of all.

2: Scraper API

Scraper API doesn’t have the same range of features as Proxy Server Providers like Proxy-Seller. But Scraper API comprises of more than 20 million IPv6 proxy addresses. It also contains IPv4 proxy that globally span over 12 locations.

Scraper API utilizes a rotating mixture of the residential, data center as well as mobile proxies from various ISPs across the globe. It eliminates the hassles of traffic slowdown and IP blocking.

Scraper API handles CAPTCHA responses along with the proxy rotation automatically. Every plan comes with unlimited bandwidth. It can speed up to 100 MB/s. Other features include fast, professional email support.

The proxy automation of Scraper API is a real timesaver. Along with all this, it is one of the very few Proxy Server providers that are capable of this popular feature. The customization capabilities of Scraper API are very powerful and offer custom request headers, and types saved sessions and geolocations.

It also comprises a documentation page that offers sample code for POST requests, custom headers, and frequently used features such as geographic locations and premium proxy pools. This documentation page is easily accessible. Scraper API has plans for every kind of user, be it hobbyist or a large corporation.

They have something to fit every budget and even includes a free offer of 1000 API calls. Last but not least, API offers a 7-day money back, no question asked.

3: Proxy6.net

Proxy6.net allows the purchase of IPv6 proxies in bulk as well as small quantities. It can be just for a few days or can be a recurring thing every month. This feature makes it easy for growing businesses, clients who are beginners at using IPv6 proxies, or clients unsure of their needs.

Proxy6.net provides the selection of IPv6 proxy from 10 different countries. That makes the cost of the IPv6 proxies about a third of the price of the IPv4 proxies. That’s not all; the user can buy them for a small length of time if desired.

These prices range from 15 cents a month to 45 cents. The price of the proxy depends upon the quantity ordered. But the weekly cost of proxies is slightly higher than the monthly cost. It removes the pressure of buying proxies for a longer duration.

A free IPv6 Support Check tool is also offered that can be used by anyone. It is used to check if a website is currently supporting IPv6 proxies. It is to be noted, all ISPs and websites will eventually switch on to this protocol.

4: V6Proxies

V6Proxies is expensive than the rest of the Proxy Server services providers on our list. It ranges from $110 to $750 per month. The high cost certainly limits clients to corporate users.

To compensate, V6Proxies provide large pools of IPs in both rotating and static options. 1000 – 50,000 static IPv6 proxies can be purchased every month by the clients. Another option is to opt for 1 million rotating IPv6 proxies every month.

V6Proxies also provides rotating IPv4 plans but provide very few addresses for the same price. Hence it is one of the biggest benefits of IPv6 that the client can buy 1 million IPv6 proxies for about the same price as 255 rotating IPv4 proxies.

Along with all these benefits, all V6Proxies plans provide protection against footprint header leaks and DNS. It also provides email support and unlimited threads.

5: Proxy Tech

Although Proxy Tech has locations in 6 different countries, only 3 of the countries provide IPv6 proxies. All their proxy plans are static. A discount made on purchasing the proxies in bulk. Proxy Tech also possesses an easy calculator to determine the cost based on the number proxies being purchased.

Other factors affecting the price are protocols and the location. As assumed, IPv4 proxies are expensive than IPv6 proxies. For orders below 100 proxies, prices are 50 cents per proxy. This price drops to 15 cents per proxy if the order if of 100-500 proxies.

Similarly, the price for 1000 proxies is as low as 5 cents per address. Other features of Proxy Tech include tech support, unlimited traffic, and SOCKS5, and HTTPS protocol option.

Proxy Tech not only accepts payments from major credit card companies but also from ecommerce-driven payment methods like OIWI, PayPal, Unitpay, and even Bitcoin.

6: IPv6-Proxies.com

IPv6-Proxies.com offers three packages. These are 10/100/1000 proxies per month in $10, $25, and $100, respectively. All three plans provided by IPv6Proxies.com come with only one IPv4 proxy. It could be useful if you need one in an emergency.

All of the plans provide unlimited bandwidth, autorotation for proxies, and 24-hour support. Although they do not offer any free trial but provides a 7-day money-back guarantee like Scraper API, in this case, they will work alongside you to resolve your issues before issuing any refund.

7: ProxyLine

ProxyLine is slightly difficult to navigate as compared to the other Proxy Server Services Providers on the list. It is because its service is geared for the native Russian speakers, and this shows even on its English subpage. Even the chat interface is in Cyrillic.

In order to place an order, some translation is required on the user end to carry out the transaction. But if this barrier has been crossed, then ProxyLine is one of the cheapest IPv6 proxy providers.

And that’s not all; the price decreases with an increase in the number of IP purchases. ProxyLine accepts payment in numerous forms, such as Yandex, Litecoin, Ethereum, bitcoin options, and aforementioned credit card.

8: VPSVille.ru

VPSville is yet another Russian IPv6 proxy service. Its plus point over ProxyLine is that its English Localization is slightly better. But accounts are not created instantly like in other proxy providers on this list.

User will have to wait for like 20 minutes for the account to be completed. Plans start at $15 and increase from there.

9: ProxyIPv6.com

ProxyIPv6.com understands the needs of social media automation and web scarping. And caters to the users who need IPv6 proxies for these reasons. It is one of the most expensive IPv6 proxy providers on this list.

Its rate starts with 80 cents per IP for an order under 500. The price can go down to 60 cents per month on the purchase of 1000 IPv6 proxies. Dealing with banned IPs is not an issue as the proxies are from a pool of 4 million+ addresses.

The orders are processed within 12 hours and come with 24/7 customer service and a 3-days money-back guarantee. ProxyIPv6.com also provides a list of websites their services won’t work on.

10: RapidSeedbox.com

As the name suggests, RapidSeedbox.xom is primarily a seedbox provider. But now it has expanded in the area of IPv6 addresses. Unlike other Proxy Server Services where they don’t guarantee of clean and blacklist free proxies, RapidSeedbox give 100% clean and blacklist free proxies. This rule out the possibility of encountering banning issues.

Other features include a 24/7 customer service. But the responses are a little sluggish. All the clients are required to complete an online form to receive a price quote. RapidSeedbox.com also provides a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Who Provides Proxy Servers?

Several organizations and companies offer proxy server services:

  1. Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Often, ISPs provide proxy servers for their customers to improve web performance by caching frequently accessed content.
  2. Corporate and Educational Institutions: For control, security, or content filtering, many institutions use proxy servers.
  3. Third-party Services: Numerous companies specialize in offering proxy server services, either free or subscription-based.

Which is Faster: VPN or Proxy?

The speed distinction between VPNs and proxies largely depends on the specific service and its quality. However, here’s a generalized breakdown:

  • Proxies usually only reroute your internet traffic, without the added encryption layer that VPNs provide. Therefore, proxies can be faster as there’s less processing involved.
  • VPNs encrypt and decrypt data, which can add a slight delay. However, premium VPN services have optimized their networks to minimize this latency, offering speeds that compete with or even surpass some proxy services.

What is a Proxy Port?

A proxy port is a specific numeric value used to identify a specific process to which an internet or other network message is to be forwarded when it arrives at the server. Common proxy ports include 8080, 80, and 3128, but there are many possible ports a proxy might use.

Where is the Proxy Server Located?

A proxy server’s physical location can vary:

  1. Locally: It can be on a local computer or local network.
  2. Data Centers: Many third-party proxy providers host their servers in data centers around the world.
  3. Globally Distributed: Some proxy services use a network of servers spread worldwide, allowing users to choose specific geographic locations.

Benefits of Proxy:

  1. Anonymity: By masking your IP address, a proxy can offer a degree of anonymity when browsing the internet.
  2. Content Accessibility: Proxies can bypass geo-restrictions, granting access to content unavailable in specific regions.
  3. Improved Loading Times: Through caching, proxies can improve web loading times.
  4. Bandwidth Savings: Cached content can save on bandwidth usage.
  5. Content Filtering: Proxies can be set up to block specific sites or content, useful in corporate or educational settings.

Is Proxy Safe?

While proxies offer benefits, they come with safety concerns:

  1. Lack of Encryption: Unlike VPNs, most proxies don’t encrypt your traffic, making it vulnerable to snooping.
  2. History Logs: Some proxy servers keep logs of user activities, which could be a privacy concern.
  3. Malicious Proxies: Not all proxies are legitimate. Some might steal information, inject malicious content, or expose users to risks.

It’s essential to choose a reputable proxy provider and be aware of its logging and data usage policies.

Is Proxy Free?

While many proxy services are free, there’s a range:

  1. Free Proxies: These are readily available but come with risks such as slower speeds, ads, or potential security threats.
  2. Paid Proxies: Subscription-based or one-time payment options offer better speeds, more features, and improved security.


Proxies offer a pathway to improved internet accessibility and speed. However, understanding their nature, benefits, and risks is crucial. Always choose a reputable provider and weigh the benefits against potential drawbacks.

For encryption and enhanced security, consider VPNs. But for lighter tasks, a proxy might be just what you need. This guide contains the most popular and most efficient Proxy Server Services Provider of 2024.

The list contains all the relevant factors included at the time of making a purchase. I hope this guide proves useful to you. Thank you for reading!