Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

“Prodigal Son,” which launched on Fox in 2019, reimagines a familiar TV show genre with a new twist. For the sake of catching fresh serial killers, serial killers in shows like “Dexter” and “Hannibal” give law enforcement officers their own viewpoints on the minds of murderers.

Prodigal Son’s father/son relationship sets it unique from its predecessors in that it has a police officer and an imprisoned killer who have a father/son bond.


It was the only drama series to debut on Fox in 2019 and be retained for a second season due to the high level of interest it generated. Following its first broadcast on cable, the show was made accessible for streaming on Hulu and then on HBO Max (via Nerds and Beyond).

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A Brief Description of the Prodigal Son Series

On September 23, 2019, Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver premiered Prodigal Son, a procedural drama for Fox Broadcasting Company, which ran until May 18, 2021.

There was a full-season order for the series in October 2019. For a second season, the show was resurrected in May 2020 and premiered on January 12 of that year. After two seasons, the show was abruptly discontinued in May of 2021.

Prodigal Son Season 3

Among the top criminal psychologists in the world, Malcolm Bright uses his twisted genius to aid the NYPD in solving crimes in the series Prodigal Son. Prodigal Son was created by Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver, who worked together. Tom Payne, Halston Sage, and Lou Diamond Phillips star in the television series Prodigal Son.

Lee Toland Krieger, Sam Sklaver, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Chris Fedak, and Adam Kane were the show’s executive producers.

The Plot of the Prodigal Son Season 3

The story revolves around a bright and ambitious young criminal. The Surgeon’s son, who grew up in the shadow of his father’s infamous crimes, has a unique perspective on the mentality of criminals.

Detectives rely on a bright police psychologist to investigate and stop crimes. Malcolm’s family has a long history of killing. Twenty years ago, his father was a serial killer who was among the most dreadful in the country. Malcolm is forced to deal with his devious mother and dull, but rational, sister while investigating the crimes.

Despite Malcolm’s father’s desire to reestablish ties, Malcolm is unable to overcome his growing anxiety. Taking a break from his inquiries is strongly encouraged by his sister. Malcolm, on the other hand, finds comfort in solving crimes. He knows he can always rely on the expertise of his coworkers.

Who is Going to Star in Prodigal Son Season 3?

Malcolm Bright’s relationship with his father Martin Whitly lies at the heart of “Prodigal Son.” Martin is portrayed by Michael Sheen, while Malcolm is played by Tom Payne (who once rebuffed none other than the queen of England).

If “Prodigal Son” gets renewed for a third season, both characters can be expected to return. Malcolm’s surrogate father, Lou Diamond Phillips (NYPD Lieutenant Gil Arroyo), has stated his excitement about his role in the series.

Sage portrays Ainsley Whitly, Malcolm’s sister, who is essential to the show’s familial dynamic. Keiko Agena as Edrisa Tanaka, Aurora Perrineau as Dani Powell, and Frank Harts as JT Tarmel complete the cast.

Without any big character fatalities in the remaining episodes of the second season of “Prodigal Son,” most or all of its primary characters can be expected to return should the show be renewed.

Will Prodigal Son Season 3 Be Renewed or Not?

No, the third season of Prodigal Son will not be aired. For this reason: The two-season run of the television series Prodigal Son was abruptly ended. In May of 2021, it was cancelled. As a result, a third season of Prodigal Son is unlikely to air. You can check back here if anything changes.

Let’s take a look at the Prodigal Son second season review.

Prodigal Son Season 2 Review

The second season of Prodigal Son has been well-received by viewers. All in The Execution, Speak of the Devil, Alma Mater, Take Your Father to Work Day. Bad Manners; Head Case; Face Value; Ouroboros; The Killabustas; Exit Strategy; You Can Run; Sun & Fun; and The Last Weekend are the thirteen episodes that make up this collection.

This season of Prodigal Son ended with Gil and Jessica using audio surveillance to try to get a confession from Capshaw that she was the kidnapper of Martin and not the next victim. Incriminates Capshaw for several killings committed while she was in charge of Endrisa.

Producer and Director of the Series

Jennifer Lence, Eileen Jones, Jason Sokoloff, and Jonathan Gabay produced the series Prodigal Son. Each episode of Prodigal Son has a running time of between 43 and 46 minutes.

Under Berlanti Produtions, Warner Bros. Television and Fox Entertainment as well as Sklaverworth Productions and VHPT! Co. The series Prodigal Son was distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Fox has premiered the new series Prodigal Son. There has been no word on how many episodes will air in the third season of Prodigal Son. Please check back here if we have any new information.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date

Season 3 of the television series Prodigal Son has yet to be released. No word yet on a third season of Prodigal Son, which is now in development. If the third season of the series Prodigal Son announces, we can expect it sometime around 2022.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have any new information on when the third season of Prodigal Son will be available. So, be sure to keep an eye out for updates on this page.

Fans Reaction on Cancellation of the Show

Often, a show’s final episode serves as a launching pad for the upcoming season. Season 2’s 13th episode of The Prodigal Son wowed viewers so much that they’re eagerly awaiting its conclusion.

Fans are so passionate about saving the Prodigal Son that the hashtag ‘#SaveProdigalSon’ is currently trending on Twitter. Even though this may appear to be a one-off viral moment, it could have a significant impact on the show’s future.

Why Did the Prodigal Son Return?

The crux of the show lies in the return of Malcolm Bright, a profiler and the son of a notorious serial killer, to his roots. His return is fueled by the need to understand his own complex psychology and the haunting mysteries connected to his father.

Similar to the biblical tale, the return of the ‘prodigal son’ serves as a journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and a quest for redemption. Malcolm aims to untangle the web of his past and confront the darkness he fears may be inside him as well.

Why Was Prodigal Son Season 3 Cancelled?

Despite its cult following and rave reviews, “Prodigal Son” was cancelled after its second season. The reason behind this has largely been attributed to ratings, which saw a steady decline as the show progressed.

Networks often rely heavily on viewership statistics when making renewal decisions, and unfortunately for fans, the numbers weren’t strong enough to justify a third season.

Is the Girl in the Box Alive in Prodigal Son?

One of the most haunting questions of the series revolved around the ‘girl in the box,’ a mysterious captive from Malcolm’s childhood memories. The revelation about her fate has been a central plot point, and yes, she is eventually found to be alive, adding more layers to the complicated narrative.

Who is the Real Killer in Prodigal Son?

While Malcolm’s father, Dr. Martin Whitly, is indeed a serial killer, the show introduces multiple killers throughout its story arcs. The complexity of identifying the ‘real’ killer adds a unique twist, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Malcolm’s own struggle with his dark impulses keeps the audience questioning how deep the apple falls from the tree.

Is Netflix Picking Up Prodigal Son?

As of my last update in September 2021, there has been no official confirmation about Netflix picking up “Prodigal Son” for a new season. While fan petitions have circulated online, the show’s future remains uncertain.

What Do the Sandals Symbolize in the Prodigal Son?

In the biblical tale of the Prodigal Son, sandals symbolize the return to a rightful place in the family and society. In the context of the TV show, elements like this can be considered metaphoric nods to themes of return, acceptance, and redemption that resonate throughout the story.

Did Prodigal Son Have an Ending?

The cancellation of the show left many story arcs incomplete. However, the finale of Season 2 did offer some resolution and closure, even if it was not as comprehensive as fans might have hoped. It managed to tie up some loose ends while leaving others wide open, possibly for a future revival if ever that comes to pass.

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Season 3 is almost certainly coming, even if it’s not from Fox, based on the evidence and current campaigns. The cliffhanger at the end of season 2 left many fans awestruck, and this news is extremely thrilling for them.

For the time being, the only thing we can do is watch the show again and hope that the next season will answer all of our questions.

The enigmatic allure of “Prodigal Son” is undeniable, but it’s the unanswered questions and unresolved storylines that continue to haunt its audience. While the show may not have gotten a traditional resolution, its thematic depth and character complexities ensure it will be discussed for years to come.

Whether or not it ever returns, the show’s existing episodes offer a roller-coaster exploration of psychology, morality, and the unbreakable bonds of family.