Prime Video’s Outer Range Will Fill That Twin Peaks And Dark-Shaped Hole In Your Life

Prime Video’s strange western sci-fi drama stars Josh Brolin and revolves on unexplained pits, oddball neighbours, vanish[ing] buffalo, and the mystical passage of time.

In 2022, there was a resurgence of innovative television genres. Showtime’s Yellowjackets, which follows a soccer team of young women who go lost in the Canadian bush and may or may not be cannibalistic.

Felt like a natural successor to the cultural phenomenon Lost. Severance, a horror show on AppleTV+, took inspiration from the subgenre of corporate horror.

Prime Video's Outer Range Will Fill That Twin Peaks And Dark-Shaped Hole In Your Life

Which includes works as diverse as The Stanley Parable and Westworld. Outer Range, a new sci-fi anthology series, premiered on Prime Video in April with its first season consisting of 8 episodes.

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Outer Range Review: A Mixed Bag When Twin Peaks Comes to Yellowstone

The American West is an ideal location for extreme weirdness due to its wide, barren landscapes under crackling skies large enough to keep a secret.

Skinwalker Ranch and the nearby town of Roswell are both located in the arid southwestern desert.

With its new series Outer Range, Amazon is taking the action even further north to Wyoming for a sci-fi Western drama that mixes elements of Yellowstone, The Outer Limits, and Twin Peaks.

The gradations in tone suggested by this amalgam don’t always gel, though. The disjointedness is real.

Perhaps unsettling qualities are warranted, though, because Outer Range belongs firmly to the uncanny valley of science fiction.

The film reimagines familiar elements of the Western genre, such as the strange drifter and the shooting on main street, for its own mystery purposes.

Outer Range has an impressive pedigree and is now available on Amazon. It’s the follow-up to Barry Jenkins’ The Underground Railroad.

Which was also produced by Oscar-winning production studio Plan B as part of their first-look contract with Amazon.

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When protagonists learn that the world they’ve grown up in is actually “something else,” that’s when they’ve truly crossed over.

The fragile barrier between this and what people may term “normal” has been breached, releasing the air that once kept everything stable.

They are making an effort to hold on tight to their worlds, as though trying to rescue it from slipping through their fingers. But that’s hopeless; normalcy can’t be restored if it was never there.