The Most Popular Brands of CBD Drinks

If CBD ingestion has anything going for it, it’s versatility. Gone are when getting a hit would solely mean lighting up a joint. These days we have edibles, oils, CBD drinks, tinctures, creams, and much more. The drinks, in particular, are quickly gaining the attention of users worldwide. As the infused drinks become more varied, consumers cannot help but wonder, are they worth the hype?

Consumers have to be cautious in a world where everyone claims their product is the best. Our review offers some of the top brands in the market. The criteria for picking them follow scrutiny of their products and their effectiveness.

CBD-Infused Drinks and What they Contain

The main ingredient of CBD drinks is CBD itself. It is a significant component in the hemp flower. The interest and research into cannabidiol have continued to grow since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. According to Food Business News, hemp farmland in the USA rose from 25,713 acres in 2017 to 78,176 acres by the end of 2018. The staggering rise is due to the increase in demand for the commodity.

Popular Brands of CBD Drinks

The best CBD drinks come as different kinds of beverages. Successful infusion means that the main compound gets added to various things. With edibles, people know about chocolates, gummies, sweets, and food. When it comes to drinks, the portfolio is as diverse.

The most basic kind is CBD water. By definition, this is simply water infused with the compound. There are also juices, energy drinks, teas, and coffees. With each type, the flavor of what it initially remains with the addition of the cannabidiol effect.

Across the board, one thing the beverages have in common is that they do not have substantial THC amounts. They all either contain 0.3% THC or lower. Some have none at all. Another similarity comes with the use of the drinks. Due to CBD’s properties, users often associate the drinks with relaxation and calmness.

In matters of discrepancies, the drinks contain varying potencies of CBD amounts. Also, they come in different flavors. Depending on the strain and method of extraction, you are likely to find drinks that taste and hit differently. It is always advisable to read through the product descriptions with such products. Online research can also go a long way in determining whether you can comfortably use a particular infused beverage.

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The Legal Status of CBD Drinks

As users look up CBD drinks near me, it is understandable to also wonder about the legal status of the beverages. Luckily CBD products were legal in all fifty states within the US, according to the Food and Drug Administration in 2020. Regardless of the same, in some states, the sale of such products is illegal.

In Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, the sale of marijuana-derived CBD is illegal. The sale of hemp-derived CBD drinks is legal if you bought them at Despite federal regulation, individual state laws determine the sale and use of infused products for residents.

In an attempt to regulate the market, the FDA has stipulations for producers dealing with hemp-infused drinks. The major one is that their products should be within the 0.3% THC mark. Any product exceeding that is illegal, and the company can have its licenses revoked. The other significant restriction is regarding advertisements.

Companies do not have permission to claim that their products can alleviate certain health conditions. According to the FDA, CBD is a supplement like any other. There have been instances where the FDA took action against companies that went against this stipulation.

These regulations do not mean all CBD drink brands align with the FDA requirements. Some products lack the standardization needed for human consumption. This aspect is why buying products from reputable brands is always better.

How Effective Are CBD Infused Drinks

What are the CBD drinks effects? CBD is well known for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Doctors and researchers have been looking at offering the same as alternative treatments. Following this, is it safe to assume that the infused drinks are just as effective?

Ordinarily, cannabinoids work better with a fatty medium. CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids are fat-soluble. Before the infusion into the water, there must be an emulsification process to have the CBD released into the oil.

Technology has seen significant improvements in recent years, but there is always the possibility that the full concentration of CBD could fail to reach the final product.  The potency of infused beverages is less than other products.

Regardless of that fact, users do report feeling relaxed and calm after taking CBD drinks. The available potency, even after transfer and infusion, is, in certain instances, sufficient. Drinks are an alternative to gummies and candies as they result in the same relaxation and calmness.

If the goal is to ease anxiety or relieve stress, then infused beverages will do the trick. When it comes to severe conditions like chronic pain, trying out more potent CBD products may be advisable. Vapes, pre-rolls, oils, and tinctures provide users with high concentrations.

At the end of the day, how effective the drinks are, depends on the strength of the extract. Your tolerance levels and the preparation process are other contributors.

Six Major CBD Drink Brands

After that breakdown of content and effectiveness, it is only fitting for us to look at the top brands in the market. With the CBD hype continuously rising, companies have similarly been coming up over the years. There are several producers, each selling a drink they claim is the best.

Quick online research will give you hundreds of products that can confuse even the most seasoned marijuana expert. With our list below, we considered different things regarding a user’s experience. These are the top CBD drink brands in the market.

1. Green Roads

This company deals with a wide range of CBD products. They produce oils, tinctures, pre-rolls, gummies, and others. Their beverages also come in varying forms. They have a coffee blend and tea bags in their product portfolio. The potency depends on the amount of product you use. Each serving of coffee, for instance, is at 25mg. On the other hand, you can find tea bags whose potency is 7mg. The tea bags come in more than one flavor.

2. Wyld

Wyld is a cannabis edibles company that also ventures into CBD beverages. One of their top sellers is the Blood Orange Sparkling Water, which sells at $20. The water has a 25mg serving of cannabidiol. The water also comes in three other flavors. They sell their infused drinks in individual cans, four, six, and twelve packs.

3. Recess

Recess is a sparkling water-producing company. Their brand takes on the phrase: calm, cool, collected. They have several flavors to choose from and also different volumes. This brand is exceptionally beginner friendly. Each serving has about 10mg, which is a little even for first-timers. Their flavors vary from Peach ginger to Blackberry chai, Coconut lime, and more.

4. Mirafloras

This company has a drink for three occasions: sport, relaxation, and balance. All the different types have 35mg of CBD, with the distinction being the particular additives added to each. For instance, the relaxed line has chamomile tea extracts, L-theanine, and ashwagandha roots.

5. Mad Tasty

Celebrities have taken to investing in the weed industry, and Mad Tasty is proof. Its founding member is Ryan Tedder from One Republic. The products are a range of hydrating beverages in Watermelon kiwi, Unicorn tears, and Yuzu citrus flavors. Users report relaxing and hydrating effects from using these drinks. Each of the cans contains 20mg of CBD.

6. Zolt

Zolt is different from the rest of the brands. They sell a powdered version of CBD isolate, and users mix them up at home to get the relaxing drink. They are available in several flavors and have a potency of 20mg. They also have some full-spectrum powders. Their goal is to offer plant-based beverages that are healthier and less wasteful of the environment.


At this point, we expect that CBD and THC can get added to pretty much anything. As CBD continues to win people’s hearts through its beneficial properties, marketers are looking for ways to diversify its use. Infused beverages are currently on the rise. The claims are that the drinks are relaxing, which is what most people want at the end of the day. Though their effectiveness is not up there with joints and oils, they can be a needed addition to your products.