10 Best Alternatives To ‘Polyvore’ For 2024

Party look, office look, formal, casual, wedding, birthday, and so on. Whatever the occasion may be, we want to look perfect and cool for any occasion. Why not? When the fashion industry is booming why should one want to lag? However, arranging and rearranging outfits and accessories consumes lots of time.

Many times, we couldn’t decide and badly need a helping hand. Polyvore was the best option for all those fashion lovers. They could create sets using the mood board feature of Polyvore. People were enjoying the game by sharing their outfits on Instagram.

However, the site gets shut down after taking over by Ssense in 2018. All the Polyvore fans were astounded and going through a bad time those days. By watching this void in the fashion market and community of about 20 million users, many companies have stepped in.

Where people are missing Polyvore, some similar sites are competing in the market for grabbing user’s attention. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to try some new sites like Polyvore. We are listing here the 10 best alternatives to Polyvore, to make the battel simple.

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In a world where fashion, style, and social sharing intersect, platforms like Polyvore once stood as a haven for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters. Although Polyvore has been shut down, its impact on the online fashion community remains significant.

This comprehensive article aims to explore what Polyvore was, the benefits it offered to its users, and whether or not it was a free platform.

What is Polyvore?

Polyvore was a social commerce website that enabled users to create and share fashion collections, known as “sets,” composed of individual items from various online stores.

The platform served as a unique hybrid between a fashion magazine, shopping portal, and social networking site. Users could curate outfits, interior designs, and even mood boards, while also exploring collections made by other users.

10 Best Alternatives to Polyvore

Using these alternatives, you can have fun by creating some awesome outfits. It will help you to be a cool member of the room.

1. ShopLook

ShopLook argues that they are the best alternative for Polyvore. Even they have promised people to give old sets from Polyvore. They are making a user-friendly interface to attract most of the Polyvore fans. Still, many improvements are needed.

The app offers you to create your favorite outfit by selecting occasion, budget, etc. you will get the suggestion of where you can buy this stuff on the app itself.

It provides an opportunity to participate in competitions of outfit creating. Women love this feature as they can showcase their talent and earn too.There is an option to add your image. Moreover, if you want you can share your designs with blogs. It’s easy to make an outfit on the app.

They have various categories to choose from. Like you can select a price range, color, accessories, etc. girls love the option of 50 Best Polyvore Outfits with Adidas Superstars for Girls. Here you will get some ready-made collections.


  • Provide suggestions to buy the items


  • No menswear
  • No background or text on the sets

2. trendMe

trendMe is the most creative app for outfit designing. Just like the Polyvore, you can change different backgrounds and add some text to the set. You can also engage with other fashion lovers. It is more like social media for its followers.

You can make some unique sets on trendMe. It allows you to upload an image from anywhere. There are many options to choose from. You can select jewelry, accessories, dresses, makeup, and so on.

If you are going with existing images you might see some outdated images. After signing up you can easily create your sets. People like to share their sets on trendMe.


  • Creative


  • No menswear
  • Old images for some items

3. ClosetSpace

It’s too easy to use ClosetSpace. It is the go-to option for many people as it is free.The site provides daily new looks and advice. It also offers you a long range of options; you can easily manage to get the best look. You may like time-saving tips on the app. Another best feature is, you can choose your outfit according to the weather.

It helps you to be ready for any weather.ClosetSpace allows you to access 135+ fashion blogs. With this app, you will always know which trend is going on. You can consider this app for the Polyvore alternative.


  • Sync with google calendar
  • Brand deals


  • People are facing problems with reviews

4. Bantoa

If you crave to shop instead of just mood boards, Bantoa is the best suit for you. On Bantoa you can make your look. It also allows users to buy a particular item from the set. You don’t need to buy the entire set always.

It allows you to make sets by using various filters. You will also get some suggestions according to your choice. There are many options to choose from. You will get an idea about the budget once you select the set. This feature makes it friendly for users.

However, you might face difficulties in the signing-up process. For making sets you need to select the option of becoming an outfitter. Some other processes are also there.


  • Best if you want to shop


  • Not that creative
  • Signing up process takes time

5. StyleBook

StyleBook maintains some unique features while competing as an alternative for Polyvore. The app allows you to upload images of items from your wardrobe. It will help you to make sets using those items. You will have many options to choose from. Like this way StyleBook allows you to create some personalized sets.

The app also helps you to manages your clothing while going on vacation or any other trip.Here you will get the feature of creating collages and sharing them with your friends. This is somewhat similar to Polyvore.


  • You can upload images from your wardrobe.

6. Combyne

Combyne has created a platform for like-minded people. Yes, you can say shopaholic people. It is attracting many people by making it simple to create sets.

On the app, you can create some interesting sets on the mood board. For that, you can upload your item’s images or can choose from the site. Women are enjoying this app by inviting their friends. You can also create some great sets together.

Combyne’s wardrobe organization tips are helping women to manage their clothes.We all love to be appreciated, likewise, this app allows you to compete with other fashion lovers.


  • Community of like-minded people
  • You can invite your friends and create sets together


  • Not linked to shopping sites

7. Chictopia

Chictopia allows you to be trending all the time. There is a huge community of fashion bloggers to help you out with your style and looks.You need to follow the simple sign-in process. It will ask you some questions about your choices to make it easy for you.

People can create sets and share them with friends. People like enjoying their time on Chictopia. Over 13 million daily views explain the popularity of the site.


  • User-friendly

8. Stylicious

This is another site where you can create sets using a mood board. Stylicious allows you to upload images from your wardrobe as well as you can pick some from suggestions. By combining whatever you have chosen, the app offers you some great options.

This app keeps you up to date with new fashion trends. You can select some items from brands to make them look trending.


  • Free to download


  • Poor picture quality

9. LiketoKnow

LiketoKnow is focused on new fashion bloggers. It allows them to create some unique outfits by using their creativity.The app is great for people who want to buy instantly. You can access trending fashion, beauty products, and home décor on the app. You just need to sign up to access the app.


  • You can buy instantly

10. ShopStyle

Shopestyle is another option for you to create some extraordinary outfits.This is the simple app allows you to use your fashion sense and enjoy your new look. You can buy from a leading brand at the best prices.

To access the site, you need to create an account on it. Then only you can buy stuff. You can also set alerts for sales.


  • Variety of options.
  • Menswear is available


  • Hard to use the widget if you are joining an affiliate program.

Benefits of Using Polyvore

1. Creative Expression

Polyvore offered a canvas for creative expression, allowing users to bring their fashion ideas to life. It was an excellent tool for budding stylists or anyone interested in fashion and design.

2. Discover New Trends and Brands

The platform was a trendsetter’s paradise. Users could discover the latest trends and even new brands, as curated by a global community of fashion enthusiasts.

3. Social Engagement

Polyvore was also a social platform where users could follow each other, like, and comment on sets. This interaction made it a community-centered space.

4. Shopping Convenience

Every item in a set typically linked back to an online store where it could be purchased. This feature streamlined the shopping process, offering convenience to users.

5. Tailored Recommendations

Based on user preferences and interactions, Polyvore provided personalized product and style recommendations, enhancing the user experience.

Is Polyvore Free?

Yes, Polyvore was a free platform. Users could sign up without any charge and start creating sets immediately. Although the platform itself was free, it should be noted that it served as a gateway to various e-commerce websites where users could purchase items, obviously for a fee.

Additionally, there were options for brands to advertise or sponsor content, which was a paid feature.

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We think now you are ready for any upcoming occasion. Most of the sites are adding features like Polyvore; you can try these sites and choose one best suit for you.

Polyvore was a revolutionary platform that merged fashion, social interaction, and e-commerce into one user-friendly interface. Its unique features and community-centric approach made it popular among fashion aficionados.

While the platform itself was free to use, it also served as an avenue for discovering and purchasing fashion items, adding an e-commerce aspect.

The shutdown of Polyvore left a void in the online fashion community, yet its innovative concept and the benefits it offered continue to be remembered and discussed.