12 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

To overwhelming media, the podcast is the best way. To pay full concentration podcast to permit me to listen to my favorite program, new product opinion, listen to the latest news, etc. With the 5G internet speed and WiFi, the facility podcast comes too rapidly in modern life. There are many podcasts to choose from there. It is difficult to choose the best from several podcasts. The good news for the podcast lover is that a maximum number of the podcast is free of cost and it can be accessed from any app. Choosing the right apps for listening to the podcast is important.

Best Podcast Apps

12 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Here we discuss the podcast apps for Android and some of them are free and some of them are premium versions.

1. Castbox

One of the best podcast applications is Castbox. This podcast supports more than 70 languages. Here you can share your comment and likes. Apart from this, you can read the comments of the other users from where you can choose your best episode from the podcast. Free audiobooks and classic books are available in this app.

During traveling or free time this podcast is very useful to the users. Users can create their podcasts and release their episodes using this platform. After creating an account you may record your episode and release it to the world. In-audio search gives you a significant result that matches the expression to the content. The application performs better after using it repeatedly.

2. Google Podcast

Another best podcast nowadays is Google Podcast. The main feature of the podcast is controlled by the playback speed and capability to bounce silence segments. There are two other ways to torrent podcasts.

With the support of podcasts, Google Play Music comes with and on YouTube, many people upload the podcast. Daily and weekly shows and materials to YouTube are available. In the very early when the Google Podcast was launch it was not so good but at present, it is introduced with a lot of updated features. This app is free for users.

3. Pockets Casts

The app Pockets Casts find in the play store. It is good and very popular among users. The app is required with big giants like This American Life, NPR, and WNYC, etc. The glut of new features comes with the newly updated version 7. Here one can search the podcast along with the episode.

One can use any word in the name or the show notes because the search of the app is very good. Without subscribing to the podcast you may play podcast episodes which is a good feature in this app Pocket Casts. Also, the updated feature like best speed, silence removal, and other feature available here. Pockets Casts podcast is free for the users.

4. Spotify

Spotify was primarily a musical app and now it is a podcast app. The feature of the app is not extensive. The users who enjoy the occasional episode in a different place it is best for them and there is no need for another podcast.

By using Spotify one can access all the podcasts according to the requirement of the users. In Spotify music and podcast is free but for the full experience monthly cost is $9.99.

5. TuneIn Radio

One of the best podcast apps is TuneIn Radio. Along with listening to favorite podcasts worldwide over 100000 radio stations available. One can listen to the local and worldwide popular radio stations. Sports lover also enjoys the direct integration of NHL, MLB, and NBA, etc sports channel.

Apart from this, there are more than 40000 audiobooks available in this app which one can enjoy it. The radio station is free but using the entire feature premium subscription is necessary. For radio and podcasts unitedly the premium version is $9.99 per month.

6. Podcast Go

With the presence of good feature Podcasts, Go is a very popular podcast among the users. The excellent feature is podcasts can be downloaded, sleep timer available, speed playback, etc.

For the fabric design on the UI component, it takes hold of all 5 stars. The app free to live with the advertisement but for the premium version, the cost is $2.99 per month.

7. PodcastAddict

With the presence of a wide range of library Podcasts Addict is an up and imminent application. The main feature is audiobooks and lives streaming radio and many more.

Along with this PodcastAddicts support YouTube, Chrome Cast, Twitch channel, etc. This application is free with the advertisement but for the premium version, the rent is $2.99 per month.

8. PodBean

Compare to other podcasts PodBean comes with a different color scheme in the library. One can download, subscribe, and listen to that podcast. Amazon Alexa, Android Auto is supported here. It can play all over the place.

There are different audio effects and lock screen controls are available. You can download it for free from the Play Store and the cost of the premium feature is $9.99 per month.

9. DoggCatcher

For Android, DoggCatcher is one of the best podcast players. The developers try to most competition. Android Auto and Chromecast have propped up for Android wear.

The DogCatcher contains customization features and various automation. There is no free version in the app but you may pay $2.99 at once for all.

10. SoundCloud

SoundCloud was the launch of a music streaming service. But nowadays it has many podcasts in the SoundCloud library. In the time of arranging a playlist, the app is quite good and tracking the contribution to the individual performer.

Without a miss, any episode one can subscribe to his favorite podcast. With the advertisement the app is free but if you will get a premium of those the cost will $4.99.

11. Himalaya

The app Himalaya launched in 2020. This is an app for podcast players and for podcast creators it is a service. The interface of the podcast is awesome. There are many categories and a wide collection of the podcast in the app.

The feature podcast depending on time-based. The recommendation of the app is superb. The app is free to the user without disturbing adverts but there are a small number of in-app buy options.

12. Luminary

In 2019 the Luminary app was launched. It has a calming interface. All original programs are capable to obtain access with the premium subscription. The original program is with Tressie McMillan Cottom etc.

The most important show of this platform is opposed by big networks like The New York Times and Gimlet Media. The free version is not so good but the premium version cost is $7.99 per month.

Wrapping Up

Our best podcast for the Android apps discussed above and you will choose from one of the best for you. They are among the few best podcast from many best podcasts. These are some of the best podcast apps in 2021.

From here find news, choose your favorite music, create your playlist, upload your favorite activities, etc. If you can make your podcast you may check Anchor which is made for this purpose. Have an outstanding selection.