10 Best ‘Plex Plugins’ That Are Worth Using in 2024

Entertainment is much-needed stuff for everyone. Whether it is music, movies, series, cartoon, or anime, we are behind entertainment. Nowadays people are too lazy that they love sitting at home and enjoy stuff conveniently.

Plex Plugins are a hub of all these entertainments. Plex Plugins is a multimedia library platform with a wide range of contents. You just need to download and install the program to get access to all these stuff out there.

Plex is a popular media server solution that enables users to organize their media collections and stream them across various devices. One of the features that have historically set Plex apart is its plugin system.

In this guide, we’re exploring the world of Plex Plugins – from their functionality to the current status, and whether they’re safe and free.

What are Plex Plugins?

Plex Plugins, often referred to as ‘channels’, are small programs written to augment the core functionality of Plex. These plugins allow users to access content from sources Plex doesn’t support natively, be it online streaming channels, utilities, or other services.

10 Best Plex Plugins That Are Worth Using in 2024

There are a number of Plex Plugins programs available in the market. In this article, we will introduce a list of 10 best Plex Plugins worth a try in 2023. Do check it out.

1. Facebook

I am hoping you must be having a Facebook account. We are now in a situation where almost everyone around us has an account with Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media platform around the world.

It is the most popular platform to get connected with people around. Facebook can also be used on plex. With that, anyone can view the photo gallery, newsfeeds, get notifications, and much more.

2. WebTools

Web Tools is a collection of tools for plex media server, just like the Unsupported AppStore (UAS). Web Tools is a tool used to help manage the plex media server. The web Tools work beyond the normal channel interface.

It offers a much more responsive user interface, and it supports its working on mobile devices also. It also allows the user to manage their plex media server from any available devices. It grants the user access to user-generated stuff and unofficial plex channels.

3. Cigaras IPTV

Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could play IPTV channels with Plex? Believe it or not, this is very much possible in 2023. As you all know, IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television ) is unlike traditional TV, which works with cable or satellite.

IPTV is trendy and much famous in recent times. It helps in accessing the needed contents from the network, and only the needed ones will be delivered to the user. It is very cost-effective, sensible, and scalable. It will help you to get access to your favourite broadcasts.

4. Tautulli

Tautullli is a web application that helps the user to monitor, analyze, and manage notifications of the Plex media server. It has a very responsive web design viewable on the desktop, tablet, and mobile web browser.

It actively monitors the activity of the current Plex media server. It has very well designed content information pages.

It has an advanced search / filtering option. It will provide you complete information about the statistics and media file information. The analytics information is presented with the help of high charts graphing tools.

5. TheaterTrailers

When we go to theatres to watch a movie, and if we arrive a bit early for the movie, we used to have trailers of new movies going to be released on the screen. There are people who love watching the upcoming movie trailer and go to theatres early.

TheatreTrailer Plex Plugins are meant to create that theatre experience at home. Here you are able to enjoy trailers of movies that are going to be released very soon. As and when the movie is released in the theatre, the particular trailer is removed from this platform.

6. Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is an application that try to solve the subtitles problem of the users while watching video content. What sub-zero meant to do is to solve the users subtitles problem automatically.

Sub-zero will automatically provide the video the best-suited subtitles among many subtitles available. This will enhance the watching experience by having the best matching subtitles made available.

We can never argue that sub-Zero is the best working application, they have some drawbacks which they are working on it to make it a perfect one. We can also get customization tools features like offset, color, and more available in the Sub-zero.

7. Plex Export

Plex export allows the user to produce an HTML page with the available information on the media contained within the Plex library. And you can even share this page publicly without granting access to the original Plex server.

The other main feature of Plex export is that it provides a complete view of all the media available in the library. Within each section there is a live filtering feature. The user can also get more information about any item on a single click.

8. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a website with the world’s largest collection of anime. Even though it a premium-based account, you can watch many of its content for free. The best part is that you can watch videos without any ads. You can even download the required videos and watch it later.

It is available worldwide and has the largest streaming catalogue of licensed anime. You can stream your favorite cartoons and anime anywhere, anytime from your PC, mobile phone, or TV just by signing up for a free account. Not only anime, this website will also share with you the latest news and updates about anime shows.

9. Webisodes

The webisodes Plex Plugins will help you add and track your most favorite video contents from different streaming sites. Webisodes work with other video streaming applications like YouTube, Vimeo Shows, Daily Motion shows, RSS feeds, Live HLS feeds.

The user can easily add videos to their favorite list and can even remove them from the list with URL address. It adds to the convenience of the user by allowing them to have all of their favorite stuff in a single place.

10. IPTV

As you all know, IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television ) is unlike traditional TV, which works with cable or satellite. IPTV is trendy and famous in recent times. It helps in accessing the needed contents from the network, and only the needed ones will be delivered to the user.

It is very cost-effective, sensible, and scalable. It will help you to get access to your favorite broadcasts. The live TV streams include many things when compared to the traditional one.

Do Plugins Still Work on Plex?

As of late 2018, Plex officially discontinued its plugin directory. This means new plugins are not being added, and official support for plugins has ceased. However, this doesn’t mean existing plugins have stopped working entirely.

Many third-party plugins can still be manually installed and used, but they might not be as stable or well-supported as they once were.

Where Can I Get Plex Plugins?

While the official Plex plugin directory is no more, several repositories and communities on platforms like GitHub and Reddit still share and update Plex plugins.

If you’re looking for a specific plugin, these platforms are a good place to start. However, always ensure that you’re downloading from reputable sources to avoid potential security issues.

Benefits of Plex Plugins:

  1. Extended Content Access: Plugins can unlock a vast array of content that isn’t available on Plex by default.
  2. Customization: They allow users to tailor their Plex experience according to personal preferences.
  3. Utilities: Some plugins offer utilities like subtitle finders, advanced analytics, or even theme music for TV shows.

Are Plex Plugins Safe?

The safety of Plex Plugins largely depends on their source:

  1. Reputable Sources: If a plugin comes from a well-known and respected community member or site, it’s likely to be safe.
  2. Open Source Plugins: Plugins that openly share their code can be vetted by the community, ensuring no malicious elements.
  3. User Reviews: Always look for user reviews and experiences. A widely-used plugin with positive feedback is generally a good sign.

However, since plugins are third-party additions, there’s always an inherent risk. It’s crucial to keep Plex and any plugins updated to the latest versions to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Is Plex Plugins Free?

Many Plex plugins were, and continue to be, free. However, like any software, some might come with a cost, especially if they’re providing a premium service or feature.

Summing Up

Yeah, these are the best 10 Plex Plugins to use in 2024. You must be familiar with some of them, and you may not be familiar with others. Each one is worth a try. Do try it out. Plex Plugins have been the cornerstone for many users looking to maximize their Plex Media Server’s potential.

While their golden era might be behind them due to Plex’s official discontinuation of support, the legacy lives on through the dedicated community. As always, when venturing into the world of unofficial plugins, ensure you prioritize safety, security, and source credibility.