Top 5 Best PDFBear Features For Your PDF Converter Needs

The PDF or portable document format is a file type used mainly for work and personal documents. You can see it being used by many people, particularly in companies, private institutions, and even in government. But regardless of its well-established usage in the world, not everyone is privy to how it is manipulated.

Top 5 Best PDFBear Features For Your PDF Needs

Having software that helps you with your PDF concerns is undoubtedly a must these days. But, most programs that deal with PDFs are not inexpensive. That is where PDFBear comes in. This online website offers you multiple PDF related features for absolutely free. Here are the top 5 PDFBear features you’ll need for your PDF needs.

1. PDF to JPG

Suppose you are looking to change your PDF documents to a more convenient file type like JPG, then look no further. PDFBear has a free PDF to JPG converter that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to convert your files to jpg in just a few clicks. It’s easy to use and can be done in just a few minutes.


You won’t have to manually learn and study how to turn your essential PDF files with your default editor. It could take you days before figuring that out. It might not even be possible with your PDF editor, or worse, it might damage or corrupt the files. But with this free software, you don’t have to worry about that happening.

2. Word to PDF

How often have you experienced creating and sharing a Word document with others, and when you looked at it again, it was edited, or some areas were deleted purposefully or by accident? That is, by far, one of the most frustrating things that can happen to anyone. If only there were a way to avoid those accidents from taking place?

PDFBear Word to PDF

The answer is there is a way, and it’s through PDFBear. With its easy to use Word to PDF converter, you won’t have to be anxious in sharing your written documents. Having your Word file converted to PDF before sharing will significantly help avoid those mishaps from occurring. No one can accidentally edit your work if they only have the basic software to view your PDF file.

3. Repair PDF

There will come a time when a true misfortune occurs while you’re tinkering with your PDF file: A sudden blackout, your computer blue-screened on you, or a virus decides to invade it. When these events go down, you hope nothing wrong happens to your PDF file. But what if something does and makes your file corrupted or damaged?

PDFBear Repair PDF

That is when PDFBear’s Repair PDF feature will save you. This service will attempt to repair your damaged or corrupted file back into a workable state. There are times that their PDF repair kit may not be able to restore it to 100% but, it will certainly not make it worse. Just knowing that this exists might help you when the situation comes up.

4. Compress PDF

Although PDF files usually don’t take up a lot of space in your hard drive, there are instances wherein your PDFs will stack up and completely fill-up your disk space or are too big a file to send through email. When and if this happens, PDFBear has the solution for you. They have a completely free PDF compression feature.

PDFBear Compress PDF

Unlike other free compressors out there, PDFBear’s online PDF compressor is fast and user-friendly and does not affect the quality of the PDF. What usually happens during compression is the more you reduce the size of the file, the more quality is sacrificed. With the site’s PDF compressor technology, it will lower the size but maintain the quality of your file.

5. Merge PDF

Have you ever received PDF files that could have been put in a single document like chapters in a book? You could save yourself from the hassle of looking for those individual documents with this next feature. The site has a merge PDF service. All you need to do is drag and drop the files and viola! Your files are merged.

Merge PDF

The practicality of having multiple PDFs combined into one all-encompassing document is impressive. It will make it more manageable to locate terms and topics in a single file compared to having multiple ones. The feature also allows you to modify the files before merging them. Use this alongside the Compress PDF function, and you’ll feel your efficiency increase.


PDF is generally a convenient file type to use for your personal or work documents. It is accessible since most operating systems have a PDF reader already installed. But, it does come with challenges since not everyone is knowledgeable in manipulating the file type. Having PDFBear and its features will greatly help you with your PDF needs.