Top Features of PDF/A Standard for Your Electronic Files

PDF is a universal format used in electronic documents for various purposes. Many people from different industries are using PDF to manage their files. Startup and established companies are also utilizing PDF to organize their electronic documents. Since PDF technology is user-friendly, a lot of people find it easy and convenient to use. Today we are going to discuss about PDF/A and its features.

Features of PDF A Standard for Your Electronic Files

Whenever you save or convert a document to PDF, it’ll ask you what standard you’re going to use. PDF/VT standard is intended for creating any custom-made marketing tools. PDF/E is created to respond to the engineers’ need for large-format engineering visual presentations. 

Features of PDF/A Standard for Your Electronic Files

There are still different PDF standards used in the market today, but in this article, you’ll be learning about PDF/A standard. Read the details below to know the features of PDF/A standard and what these features can do to your electronic files.

1. Available File Conversion

Same with other standards, PDF/A has a feature of the easy conversion process. If you need another file format from your PDF document, you can process conversion in a stress-free way. You can convert PDF to PNG format if you want to use the file as a company logo, website background, and other graphics-related purposes. You may also convert PDF to jpg online for your online uploads, such as any social media platform or a company website. 

2. Long-Term Archiving

The highlight of PDF/A standard is its feature of long-term archiving. It means that you can store your PDF files for a couple of years without damaging any detail or information in your documents. Many companies have been using this standard to store important documents of the company with high importance and confidentiality. 

3. High-Quality Results

PDF technology is known for producing high-quality outputs of any documents. Since PDF/A standard stores your documents for a long time, it keeps the same quality of files, including all other elements like images, graphics, and many others. You may encounter technical errors when using other software or apps.

PDF-A High-Quality Results

Some images or photos and other texts may not be able to load after storing them for a long time. However, PDF/A standard has a feature of keeping everything the same the first time you’ve converted the file to this standard even after storing them for many years. 

4. International Standard

PDF/A is an international standard from ISO. It was able to meet the required guidelines and comply with the international set of requirements. Therefore, many people have accepted the standard’s quality to effectively respond to their needs in managing their electronic files. Both startup and established companies have trust in utilizing PDF/A standard to ensure the quality of files after years of archiving in the hard drive. 

5. Years of Validity

The ISO standard committee usually processes an extension for PDF/A standard validity within two to four years with essential amendments. If you’ve been storing your electronic files for many years, there’s no need to migrate your files to a newly amended standard. Your existing documents using PDF/A will remain the same even after a long-term archiving. 

6. File Storage

Same with other standards, PDF/A has small storage. It means that it doesn’t consume much storage of your device. That’s why it’s suitable to download PDF files on your smartphone. If your documents contain heavy elements, such as images, graphics, photos, and even videos and other hyperlinks, PDF technology has a feature of compressing them to make your files small. 


Storing files and documents is important, especially if these contain valuable and confidential information. You have to use a software or app that can make you feel secure with peace of mind knowing that your files are well kept.

PDF technology has these features to help you achieve your goal. The PDF/A standard can provide you with assurance and protection that your files will be safe from any electronic damages even after years of achieving them in your hard drive.