How to Password Protect PDF File for Free

Changes were always inevitable. That is why people almost always tend to get prepared and condition themselves to be ready when the consequences brought by these changes come to face them off. Technological age was no exception. The huge leap in advancement brought upon by technology also came with an evolved manner of performing crimes. 

Data theft can be listed as one of the prevalent cybercrimes during these times. People also came up with plans to counter these kinds of crimes and came forth with cybersecurity. However, how strong are your security? How tight is it to prevent future data theft or loss of information to protect your property and or identity?

GogoPDF To Protect Your PDF File For Free

The Website’s Protect PDF Tool Got You Covered

GogoPDF presents its protect PDF tool to assure that your cybersecurity will be much more tightened than ever. Every person who uses or possesses a laptop, cellphones, personal computers, tablets, or any other existing devices can be a possible victim, so we can never be so sure when it comes to our data protection preparedness. 

With the help of GogoPDF’s tool, you can focus your security on each PDF file, which contains pieces of confidential information that can be used for possible harm. You should not worry about soft copies of documents that were not saved in PDF format because saving it again on a different copy under PDF format is relatively easy.

GogoPDF’s Assuring Features

It is understandable if you will first think twice before trying the website’s feature since you would not want to rely on the internet for security when the threat can also be directed to you through the same platform. However, rest assured that GogoPDF’s various features can secure all your valuable data against any threat that may come for it. 

The website’s first feature is its consistency in accepting only passwords that will meet its criteria of being a strong one. GogoPDF’s system only takes passwords that conform to its requirements, including capital letters, numerals, and symbols. These requirements were implemented to safeguard your PDF files.

Alongside these password requirements, every file transfer will be protected by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection, which uses algorithms to jumble the data during the process of sending between two systems to make it harder for anyone with evil intent to modify or read its content much more to steal it. 

GogoPDF’s Compatibility

The website’s compatibility was also top-notch. It can be accessed using any major operating systems there like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, with its support with popular internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer, you do not have to bother thinking whether or not you can use it with your current device. 

Affordability would undoubtedly be not a problem with the usage of this website. You may think that a considerable amount of money or subscription was needed to be protected by GogoPDF protect PDF tool. That is where you are mistaken. The use of this website’s whole service, from the beginning up to the end of the process, was entirely free. 

With that being said, the next worry you might have in the back of your mind is the website’s security or privacy policy. GogoPDF’s commitment to providing the best services possible for its users was unwavering. Its system’s automatic deletion of all data uploaded in the servers after an hour was proof of its effort to assure you of its tight privacy policy.

The website’s usage takes place entirely on your web browser and will not consume any of your devices, be it a computer, cell phone, or any other memory or resources. You do not have to install any application or software to use it. Just search it on your web browser, and as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can use it freely.

GogoPDF’s Four-Step Easy to Understand Guide for all Users

The website’s toolbox will greet you upon visiting its page. In this toolbox, you will drag and drop the PDF file you wish to lock for safekeeping information. You can also select it from your device, whichever you find more comfortable. After dropping it on the toolbox, you will be asked to input your desired password for the lock.

Please take note that the system strictly abides in its strong password requirement, which must involve a capital letter, symbols, and numerals. You can think about your password in advance and write it on something to save you the hassle. Think of the password that will meet GogoPDF’s requirements and is not that hard to remember for you. 

You can send the document to any recipients you wish by directly emailing it to them or copying the link generated by the system, then send it via email or messenger. Both ways can be done so you can share it with others without much of a hassle. After the whole process, you can download the locked PDF file to your device or your Dropbox or Drive account.


Protecting your data privacy is a must during these prevailing times, and the only key to strengthen your protection is to have a trusted and tight-lipped security. GogoPDF’s online tool can guarantee you that it can provide focused security on each of your PDF files. The whole process takes only a few minutes and for free, so it is a win-win situation for all users.