10 Best ‘Parental Control Software’ in 2024

In this era, modern kids can connect with the world through the internet easily at any time. They can probably spend much more time than other people. Parents know that some sites and apps are not right for their kids.

Parental Control Software helps you to control the activity of devices that their kids are using. Parental Control Software will help you to block the unwanted application site and limit the screen time.

To use parental control software, one can keep their kids safe from the unwanted application of mobile and computer. Before installing Parental Control Software, you should discuss it with your kids.

Parental Control Software

In the digital age, the internet is a vast universe of information, entertainment, and communication. However, it’s not without its pitfalls, especially for younger users. As children become tech-savvy at increasingly younger ages, parents face new challenges in ensuring their safety online.

Enter Parental Control Software – a solution for parents seeking peace of mind. This guide offers insights into the software’s advantages, safety concerns, and potential costs.

What is Parental Control Software?

Parental Control Software refers to tools or applications parents can use to monitor, limit, or control their children’s internet usage. These tools can range from simple content filters to comprehensive suites that offer device usage limitations, real-time tracking, and activity monitoring.

5 Reasons to Use Parental Control Software

1. Monitor Your Child’s Devices

Nowadays, many electronic devices with internet connection are used in a family. Before using any parental control tool, one should ensure that this tool is used in every device type. If the kids are Smartphone users, then you can use mobile parental control apps.

Moreover, VPN technology is taking influence by a few parental control utilities. You can also check that devices and child profiles are not facing any problem. Although most of the software is subscription service, for this reason, these types of software are given limited protection.

Some software that gives the free subscription also gives limited protection. A whole-network solution like open DNS or Circle Home Plus at the router level filters the content.

2. Web Filters, Time Limits, and Apps

Using the best parental control tool, you can block unnecessary sites like violence, hate, and porn sites. These types of filtering only possible in browser-independent HTTPS sites only. Without HTTPS filtering, a smart kid easily bypasses the system. Furthermore, the protection can be break by using a VPN or Tor Browser.

Besides, these settings are limited when it comes to searching like Google and YouTube. For mobile and desktop apps, Qustodio is the best option for time setting, and for that type of kids who are addicted to mobile gaming and social media apps.

3. Messaging and Social Media

When the kids get older, these types of controls become pointless. Because they need to interact with the world. So, it’s better to respect the privacy of your child and discuss it. Spying every time is not acceptable.

However, Parental Control tools, you can view the message and can block unwanted contact. You can control messaging apps like WhatsApp, FaceBook and Snapchat.

4. Remote Notification and Management

Most of the kids use a mobile phone and use the internet. Many parental apps offer companion apps which view your child’s activity on the mobile phone. By using this type of app manage the activity of your child.

Moreover, if you can change anything, it may propagate to your kid’s device. If your child visits the blocked site or posts anything which is not perfect, then the parental services knock you.

5. Advanced Features

When you cross the basic parental control system, help you to stand out with some excellent features. These are device locking, YouTube monitoring, etc. Also, there is some advance feature.

This advance feature gives you an advantage which is filter blasphemy, analysis of the content of the page, custom content one can want to block, etc. Some parental software provides free trial before goes to the premium version.

10 Best Parental Control Software in 2024

1. Qustodio

One of the best parental control software is Qustodio Review. It’s done the job seriously. This software has some excellent feature which is best in this class. Furthermore, this software performed well during the time of using a mobile or PC. The operating system is Windows, OSX, and Android.

It can access the internet through mobile and desktop. Set the time limit for the users. It can monitor the app. Also, it can block the monitor. Only Android phone users can access the facility of SMS and call monitoring facilities.

In a mobile phone, this tool can track the location. But there are also some cons to this software. Moreover, it is an expensive tool. In social media, particularly Face book it can monitor.

It has a solid UI dashboard and solid performance quality. Lastly, it is a premium version, but one can get what to pay for the software.

2. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids Review is awesome parental software today. Installing the software into the windows system is easy and simple. With 256-bit AES encryption, the tool protects personal identifiers. Furthermore, this tool identifies fourteen types of content categories like violence, adult content, weapons, etc.

According to the age of the kids, the software changes its function. If the child wants to access any unwanted site, then the software at first displays a warning, and if the child ignores it, then the software sends a message to the parent.

As per your choice, you can select the categories like a warning, allowed, forbidden, etc. The software supports Microsoft, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Moreover, one can configure the tool in social media like Face book where the software monitors your kid’s account.

Access the internet time limit is one of the best features of the software. Also, this tool identifies the location of your child. By a single click, you can identify the location of your child.

3. Norton Family

Norton Family is an amazing parental control app nowadays. By using this app, you can filter web usage. Furthermore, this tool can be installed in a mobile device which controls the time limit. It’s a low success tool in PC.

This software is four categories that are allowed the website to watch anything, blocked categories that are not allowed to watch, supervision level, and websites that are restricted to watch. Moreover, these categories can be changed as per your need and choice and requirement.

For the Norton family, the entire android and windows time management features are supported. After the end of the limited time setting, the apps blocked the site. One can monitor the message by the device.

By using it, you can block any unwanted message. And check the message which is necessary for your child. Any phone call made or received doesn’t log this software. Present and past location one can check by using this.

Furthermore, you can collect a list of YouTube which your children search for. Also, one can check the FaceBook activities of children.

4. Circle Home Plus

Circle Home Plus saves your children access to the inappropriate site. This is simple and excellent software for the parent who wants to control the children’s internet movement at home. At first, download the app and then install it on your device.

Circle Home plus Review tool easily identifies the location of your child. Moreover, this software informed you how much time your child spends online. One can choose the time limit for a kid how many times the kid spends on the site.

There is a filter option in the tool that’s children, teenagers, adults, and none. The best feature of the software is that it can manage an unlimited number of devices like androids, tabs, and iOS, etc.

Furthermore, this tool is comparatively more expensive than another parental control tool. But some feature like geofencing, restriction of the uses of devices is not present in the software.

5. Clean Router

Clean Router is the best software that you find on the internet. This is a very good site to block adult content. By blocking the adult content, you can change your child’s bad habits. The software is simple and easy to use.

There is a default list which the Clean Router tool blocks automatically. However, you can make customization to this list. The entire site visited by the child can report the parent. A daily activity email facility is available.

But the cons are some porn sites cannot filter by the software. One can clean the router in his home for monitoring and controlling every device.

6. Mobicip

Mobicip is an excellent parental control software. This is well designed, and it controls a wide range of parental control features. At first, you have to create an account on Mobicip and then install it on any device. It’s a very user-friendly software.

By using the Mobicip tool one can block the website which is not good for your child. The software also gives you a notification about your child’s activity on the mobile and tracks device usage.

Using the app blocking facility you can block any app from Google play store or app store that is harmful to your child. A time scheduling facility is available here.

7. OpenDNS Home VIP

One of the superb parental control software for 2023 is OpenDNS Home VIP Review. This is very helpful to the parent for supervising and blocking the adult content. By using the software you can easily block the malware and piracy websites.

One can open an account here and thereafter taking control which site is allowed and which site is blocked for the child. It can identify the site and blocked unwanted sites like porn, violence, etc. All devices can filter web content.

In the free edition, all the features are available. There are various categories this can block: P2P, social media, and gaming sites. Every URL is not a website it can access.

8. Net Nanny

If you are looking for the best parental control software, then you are in the right place. Furthermore, this is a simple and easy tool for users. You can control the time for accessing the internet by using this software. Mobile device and tab also can control internet activity.

A filtering content facility is also available here. From using this tool you can easily block the content, which in inconvenient for your children. Another excellent feature is the location tracker. Every minute it will update your child’s location.

From that update, you can easily understand where your child is. The geofencing facility is not available here. Only a few preset filters are available here. The interface of the tool is not up to the standard.

9. SafeDNS

SafeDNS Software applies to all devices. It’s a safe and quick tool that can filter and detect the unconventional website which is harmful to your child. By using this one can easily block the malware and bad bots also.

Furthermore, the software function is quite ok with 98% accuracy. All the objectionable software can easily detect and can block it. This is an ideal software for users. During the time of the router configuration, the SafeDNS filter the unwanted and objectionable content from the network.

10. McAfee Safe Family

If you are anxious about your child online safety, then you can try McAfee Safe Family software. One can rely upon this tool. Moreover, this has a wide range of features, which is the main key to stop the unwanted key from the net.

You can easily block adult content, violence, etc sites that are harmful to your child. If your child visits these types of site you can be notified via mail or phone.

Also, one can set the time to access the internet. By using McAfee Safe Family, you can monitor unlimited PCs and mobiles. But the device is expansive to the users.

Benefits of Parental Control Software:

  1. Content Filtering: It can block inappropriate or harmful content, ensuring children don’t stumble upon unsuitable material online.
  2. Screen Time Management: Parents can set limits on how long their children spend online, promoting a balanced digital lifestyle.
  3. Real-time Tracking: Some advanced tools allow parents to track their children’s physical location, especially useful for ensuring safety during outdoor activities.
  4. Online Behavior Reports: By monitoring visited websites, search queries, and social media activity, parents can gain insights into their child’s online behavior.
  5. Social Media Monitoring: Given the prevalent risks associated with social media, monitoring tools can notify parents about potential threats, bullying, or unsuitable content.
  6. Remote Control: Some software allows parents to remotely lock devices, ensuring kids take necessary breaks or focus on essential tasks.

Is Parental Control Software Safe?

While parental control tools are designed to enhance safety, it’s essential to consider the following:

  1. Privacy Concerns: Ensure the software respects privacy, collecting only necessary data, and not selling or sharing information with third parties.
  2. Over-reliance: While the software provides a security layer, it’s vital to educate children about online safety. Open communication is key.
  3. Potential Workarounds: Tech-savvy kids might find ways to bypass software limitations. Regularly updating and ensuring the chosen tool is robust can minimize this risk.

Is Parental Control Software Free?

Several parental control tools are available for free, offering basic features like content filtering. However, comprehensive solutions typically come at a cost. Subscription models or one-time purchase options exist, with prices varying based on functionalities offered.

It’s essential to research and compare different tools, considering both free and paid options. While investing in a paid solution might seem costly initially, the extensive features and enhanced safety they offer often justify the expense.

Summing Up

Parental control software is essential and needs today. Kids are facing different types of threats online today. By choosing any parental control software, you can make sure that your kids are secure from web harm.

Parental control software is used for time control, block inconvenience software, and set the children’s time limit. Parental Control Software offers an invaluable safety net in the online world, protecting younger users from potential threats and ensuring a balanced digital lifestyle.

While these tools provide substantial benefits, it’s crucial to choose reliable software that respects user privacy. Pairing these digital solutions with open conversations about online safety will equip children to navigate the internet responsibly and securely.