Panthers Failure with Deshaun Watson Reveals Obvious Truth to Buccaneers

There is always the chance that the NFC South will be one of the most dangerous divisions in the NFL.

The Falcons now have Hall of Famer Matt Ryan at the helm and have the chance to acquire Deshaun Watson.

The Buccaneers have Tom Brady, and the Saints have one of the strongest front offices in the league. The Panthers are up next.

Panthers Failure with Deshaun Watson Reveals Obvious Truth to Buccaneers

Especially during the Matt Rhule era, the Panthers have been the NFC South’s punchline for a number of years.

Some of the poor choices that team has made to be average include paying a running back who never plays.

Trading for Sam Darnold and extending him, and failing to move on from Rhule when they had the chance.

Putting “Panthers” and “Super Bowl” in the same phrase seems odd now, but those Cam Newton years were fantastic.

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WFNZ’s Stan M. Norfleet Reported That NFC South Foes May not be Serious About Watson 

WFNZ’s Stan M. Norfleet wrote separately that the NFC South rivals might not care as much about Watson as they do about raising the price on the Panthers.

That should come as no surprise from a team so well-versed in the four-dimensional football equivalent of chess.

Why not find out where Watson stands while possibly weakening your competition in the category at the same time?

In addition, the Cleveland Browns are meeting with Watson this afternoon. Norfleet implied that, given their supporting cast.

They might have an advantage in winning over the 26-year-old passer’s no-trade clause. The Panthers, in any case, are focused on the task at hand and making steady progress toward the goal.

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David Newton of ESPN claims that the failure to guarantee Watson’s deal for years three and four was the primary reason Carolina fell out of contention.

According to reports, Watson decided to withdraw from consideration with Carolina as a result of this problem. The Panthers were updated by his reps on Thursday night.