What to Look for When Outsourcing an IT Crew

Outsourcing has garnered a lot of global attention in recent years. The idea that you can benefit from the quality of professional services without having to pay the annual salary for an expert surely sounds appealing. However, outsourcing is more practical with certain functions than others. Depending on your field of operation, it may be better to outsource one-time projects rather than create an in-house team. At least, that’s the case with IT functions for most businesses.

Thankfully, we live in a time where outsourcing IT functions is easier than ever. You can find reputable IT agencies all over the world to get the kind of service you’re looking for at the price you can afford. However, that doesn’t mean that any agency can do. There are a few things you should take into consideration when outsourcing your IT functions. That said, here’s what to look for when outsourcing an IT crew.

What to Look for When Outsourcing an IT Crew

The Pricing Model

When you compare the cost of hiring an in-house team of software developers to the cost of outsourcing IT functions, you’ll quickly realize how the latter is more cost-effective. Of course, that’s only in case you’re looking for professional quality. However, that doesn’t mean that outsourcing IT functions can’t be expensive; it all depends on the kind of project and the duration of service your business requires.

To make sure you’re not at the losing end, it’s important to be upfront about the pricing model, whether you look for a qualified freelancer or an IT crew, be sure to discuss the pricing model in terms of downpayment, milestones, number of revisions, and any additional costs you may not be aware of.

Range of Services Provided

Outsourcing a project can be simple. After all, it has a set scope, duration, and budget. On the other hand, outsourcing all IT functions is not as straightforward as a single project. If you’re looking for an IT crew to take over all your technical needs, you need to inquire about the range of services they can provide.

As the IT gurus at PrototypeIT explain, a reliable IT crew will be able to manage IT services, take on full IT projects, manage cloud hosting services, and provide IT consulting depending on your needs. Most of these crews will have a full-stack team with a wide range of knowledge that covers different technologies, which will ensure a holistic approach to all of your requirements.

The IT Crew’s Know-How and Engagement

Sometimes, outsourcing to a freelancer can sound like a more cost-effective option, especially if it’s for a one-time project. However, there are a lot of advantages that come with outsourcing for an IT crew, the first of which is being a full crew.

You won’t have to worry about personal issues getting in the way or the freelancer disappearing off without completing the project. If you do decide to outsource to an IT crew though, be sure to check the number of employees, their know-how, and the level of engagement the crew usually has with their clients. You don’t want to pay for professional-level services only to end up with the same issues you’ll have when dealing with a freelancer.

The IT Crew’s Business Maturity

Another thing to take into account is the level of business maturity you’ll be dealing with. While amateurs can be enthusiastic about the projects they take on, the lack of experience can set you back a great deal.

Be sure to check their previous works, clients’ testimonials, and experience in the projects you want to hire them for. Although software development is a versatile skill that can be shaped according to the project, experience certainly makes a world of difference in applying this skill.

Project Scope Alignment

The previous points will help you narrow down your search to the most suitable candidates. Once you start discussing project details, it’s important to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Don’t assume that they’ll give you the result you want if all you share are outlines; be sure to explain all the requirements, deliverables, timeline, and overall scope of the projects in avid detail. Moreover, be sure to set specific milestones and to ask for regular reports on the progress.

Means of Communication

Setting clear rules for communication is such an obvious thing to do, but it’s surprising how it’s often forgotten. This becomes a major issue especially if you’re outsourcing for an off-shore team with language barriers or time zones differences. It’s important to establish regular channels and times of communication with the team so you can oversee the progress without significant issues.

Means of Communication

Out of all industries, IT outsourcing has become a global trend for small and large businesses alike. However, that also means that more It agencies are trying to join the scene. Since you can’t be sure of the quality you’ll get, it’s important to research the candidates first and evaluate the service they’re able to provide.