Optimize Your Internet Connection For Better Streaming

There is no doubt when we say that this is the age of the internet. We rely on the internet every day. Be it for getting some information or communicating with someone or even for our own entertainment. In fact, you are probably reading this article on the internet too! So we don’t need to tell you how much of an important part internet is in our lives.

However, the fact of the matter is that all the internet service provider do not provide their users with the same speed or the same Internet connection. Thus it is a concern among customers to ensure that they get a good and speedy internet connection. We do recommend getting Spectrum as your ISP since the internet prices offered by them are quite economical, and you get what is promised to you.

Optimize Your Internet Connection For Better Streaming

6 Ways to Optimize Your Internet Connection for Better Streaming

Here is what you need to do for optimizing your internet connection for better speed and fast streaming.

1. Inquire about your Internet Plan

We bet that you are not aware of the fact that how much speed your internet service is providing you. This causes a lot of trouble. During the entire day, you will be unable to stream download, or surf through the internet. This can be really frustrating.

It is common knowledge that you can get a better internet experience without any buffering if you get a good internet connection. So call your internet service provider and ask them about the speed that they are providing. Also, check the connection plans that are available and choose a plan carefully so that it can satisfy your needs.

2. Get the right equipment

The service provider can give you the option of renting a modem or you can buy one yourself. Let’s be honest now, most of us have outdated modems that we bought four years back on sale. That modem is definitely outdated and can not keep up with the changing times.

It may look fine from the outside but trust us when we say that It’s responsible for the poor internet connection. Therefore get yourself an updated and recent model. If you have an outdated modem that you rented, call your service provider and ask for a recent model.

3. Use a wired connection

Use the wired Ethernet Connection if your modem is located close to your computer. Why do this? Well, that’s simple! This is because doing so can ensure that you get a higher speed and save some bandwidth for other devices.

In general, you should prefer a wired connection because they provide a more stable and faster internet connection. This will result in you getting a decreased buffering and increased internet speed. If you have located your modem far away then consider getting it close to your device.

4. Check your Router’s Placement

If you are streaming on your phone then you obviously need a strong WiFi connection. Smart devices require a lot of internet speed to work properly without buffering every minute. If you place your router in a corner then you will find that the speed is not going to be so great and the videos will buffer a lot.

Check your Router's Placement

This can be a lot frustrating. So place your router in the middle of the house. If not then you can get an All Home WiFi. They have a stronger and faster signal. Sometimes your WiFi can be interrupted by environmental problems. Tweak your router to make sure that you get a good connection.

5. Get rid of all the background applications

You need to get an Adblocker to make sure that you get a good internet connection. The files on our devices also get automatically updated which can cause a lot of bandwidth to be taken. Turn off the auto-sync and update option to make sure that does not happen.

6. Upgrade your Plan

This is kind of a last resort. If you have checked with your service provider and found out that your internet connection for a plan is not so good in the first place then you need to upgrade to a better plan that gives you more internet speed. It is known that you need a better connection when you are using online streaming services.

Final Verdict

It is possible that you are switching from your TV to streaming devices. Now everything is available on the net and there are so many shows and movies that you can stream online. This requires a lot of good internet connections. Buffering mid-show can be a hell of a big deal and you would want to throw your phone.

That’s why you need to make sure that you need a good internet connection. Try the tricks that are mentioned in the article to do that or you can switch to another internet service provider if yours is lagging too much and you can not solve the problem in any other way.