20 Best Sites Like ‘Openload’ To Watch Free Movies

Openload is a website that will give you access to download movies absolutely free. It has a large collection of Hollywood, Bollywood movies, and even web series. Dubbed movies are also easily available here If you like to browse movies from Openload Movies, firstly what you have to do is to access the web.

Once you enter the web by a specific domain name, you can download movies from the website for free. The only thing that you would require to watch movies from Openload Movies is high–speed internet connection.

In the vast ecosystem of online file-sharing and hosting services, Openload emerged as a popular choice for millions of users. Notably, it was more than just a file-hosting platform; it acted as a repository for an extensive collection of videos, including movies and TV shows.

But what made Openload special? Was it safe to use? And what has happened to Openload movies? Let’s explore the world of Openload in detail.

What is Openload?

Openload was a file-sharing and hosting service that offered users the opportunity to both upload and download a wide range of content, from documents and photos to audio and video files. The platform was particularly popular for its large assortment of movies and TV shows that could be streamed directly or downloaded for offline viewing.

20 Best Sites Like Openload to Watch Free Movies

If you are a regular user of Openload Movies and if looking for similar platforms, you are at the right place.

Have you ever faced any problem in downloading movies from Openload Movies? If yes, here are some alternatives that you can try out for yourself if you face any problem in accessing movies from Openload Movies. Do check it out.

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1. 123Movies

123Movies is an open platform to watch movies. This website will let to watch movies stored in its database for free. A good speed internet connection is all you need for this.

A large collection of old classics and the latest movies are available on the website. Their collection includes HD, HD-RIP, Blu-ray, and camera quality films. It is a good alternative to Openload Movies.

2. Putlocker

If you are looking for a website that gives you access to a wide collection of movies, then you can visit Putlocker. This site has a massive collection of entertainment media particularly films, TV series.

You can watch all the movies in the database absolutely free. All you need is a good internet connection for it. You can easily search for the required movies from the search bar. Movies are stored in the category section and it will make it easier for anyone to search the movies.

3. LosMovies

Los Movies is a service that will let you get access to watch movies for free. You can watch movies either with English subtitles or with any other preferred language. Los Movies will help you retrieves list of movies currently running in theatres. When compared to other sites the operation of this site is a little different.

If you decides which movie you have to watch, it will take you to its secondary page where you can plenty of server options to stream that movie. You can very well look at it as a good alternative to Openload Movies because of its huge database of movies.

4. Vmovee

VMovee is a popular video streaming site that allows you to surf movies online without any subscription fee. The movies can be easily accessed with the search feature. The VMovee site has the latest released movies and old ones too.

The VMovee also provides small details about the movie. It includes all the details like the release date, name of the actors, the category under which it falls. On the whole, it is a very good site to watch movies online and you can consider it as an alternative to Openload Movies.

5. Movies123

Do not confuse 123Movies with Movies123. Both are similar in name but these are 2 different websites from where the user can download movies for free. You just need a good internet connection and you will be able to access Movies of any language.

The database of the website is enormous that this site will satisfy you with your favorite movies. Here you can get not only Movies but web series too. It is a complete entertainment hub. This website also updates it regularly with the latest movies that is running in the theatres. This website has all the potential to satisfy any movie buzz.

6. YesMoves

If you are a movie lover then you can definitely try out Yesmovies and this website is sure to satisfy you. You will get a whole large collection of movies on this site stored under different categories so that you can easily search for the movie.

You can watch all these movies absolutely free. It updates the list of new movies frequently on the site. Yesmovie can be a good option over Openload Movies.


You must be familiar with the name YIFY, if no it is a website that contains a large collection of videos and is a good alternative to Openload. YIFY is characterized through its consistent HD video quality in a small file, which is the major attraction to many downloaders.

The database of the website is too large to satisfy any movie lover. Anyone can watch both movies and TV series from here. You can also go over to its category section and can easily search your required movie to stream online, all you need is a good speed internet.

8. FMovies

Fmovies is another alternative that you can surely consider against Openload Movies. The site has a massive collection of movies and another video too. You can easily search for your favorite movie in the search bar or can even choose from different genres under which a lot of movies are arranged.

One of the best features of the Fmovies is that it will allow you to search for the movies on the basis of the country. So what you have to do is that give the name of the country whose movie you have to watch and you will get a whole lot of collection of movies released in that country.

9. SnagFilms

You must be heard of this name, it is a popular website to download movies for free. You can conveniently watch movies setting from your home or from anywhere online. You can even watch movies while you are on your way somewhere, the only thing that you will require is an internet connection. This website will provide you with a large collection of movies stored in it.

The main feature that distinguishes this website from others is that it has a large collection of old movies. Unlike other sites that keep themselves updated with the latest movies, here it focuses mainly on old movies that you should never miss to watch. It can be a good alternative to Openload Movies if you are an old movie lover.

10. Movie777

When you are giving a list of websites that are alternative to Openload Movies, then you shouldn’t miss out on the name Movie777. Like any other website on this list, this website will also allow you to stream movies online for absolutely free.

It has a large collection of top-rated movies in its database and the best part is that they keep their database updated with the latest movies. Streaming movies in Movie777 is the best way to spend some time entertainingly. This website will surely satisfy you and you will love this one.

11. MovieNinja

If you are a movie buzz and you are a lazy fellow to go to theatres to watch movies, then you can enjoy movies from MovieNinja. You can watch movies in this site sitting at your home, or any other place.

And if you are a person who enjoys movies with your friends then you can even call out your friends to your home and watch movies from MovieNinja. You can watch HD movies from here.

The site will also provide you the list of most-watched of this week from this site, and if you have not decided which movie you have to watch, then you can even choose from this list. This site will also suggest movies to you based on the movie type you preferred to watch before. You can definitely consider it in place of Openload Movies.

12. GoMovies

With GoMovies you can stream movies online for free. You can access any movie from the website. This website is very much user-friendly Here you will get movies listed under different genres and you can choose from the genre which you would like to watch. You can even choose movies by the country name. This website has all potential to keep you entertained and you can consider it in place of Openload Movies.

13. PRMovies

If you are an Indian and you love Hindi movies then PRMovies are going to be your favorite. It has a large collection of movies in almost all Indian languages – Hindi, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati and so and so.

Here you also get dubbed movies of south India. You can also get Pakistani movies here on this platform. Anyone can access this network from any part of the world. This is a good alternate option against Openload Movies to stream movies online for free.

14. IOMovies

IOMovies is an online movie streaming site very much similar to MovieNinja. You can stream your favorite movies free from this site. Not only movies but TV series are also available here on this website.

IOMovies has not only the famous movies that anyone would like to watch, but all these movies are well categorized under different heads like country name, year of release, genre, quality of the print, and more. You can try this in place on Openload Movies.

15. PrimeWire

If you are a person who watches movies online then there is only a little chance of you not being familiar with PrimeWire. PrimeWire is a popular free online streaming site. You can watch thousands of movies and series, which you would normally have to pay are available for free on the platform.

On PrimeWire anyone can watch the latest movies and TV series online without any prior registration. PrimeWire frequently updates its database with the latest movies. You can even find the movies currently running in the theatres on this platform. It can be the best possible alternative to Openload.

16. LetMeWatchThis

LetMeWatchThis is another name that finds a place in the list of best websites to access movies online either from the genre category or from the name of the country or even the release date of the movie.

Here you can watch your favorite movies that you will love for free and the only requirement is a decent speed internet connection so that you are not interrupted in between the movie.

17. XMovies8

The name itself is meant to say exclusively for movies and XMovies8 is a platform that mainly focuses on Movies. Anyone can stream movies online from here free of cost. It has a wide collection of movies ranging from old movies to top-rated latest movies.

Even though the main focus is on movies a wide range of TV series is also available on this platform. The website also has a very user-friendly interface which adds to the convenience of the users. The only thing that is a bit tiring about this platform is the popup ads that appear at regular intervals. Some users may find it a bit disturbing while enjoying the movie.

18. AZMovies

A to Z includes all the alphabets, likewise, AZ movies is also a platform that has within its database almost all movies that anyone would love to watch – romance, thriller, horror, fantasy comedy, animation, classic, and much more like this and you will find movies of all genres in this platform.

Since AZMovies have movies of all genres, it is suitable for all age groups. AZMovies is one of the best sources for watching movies online with High Quality at any time for free.

19. SeeHD

You are a person who only likes to watch movies with high quality or HD, then surely you must consider this option. From the name itself, it is understood that movies and series are made available here in HD prints.

Not only movies, if you are a person who is more interested in TV series, then don’t worry a large collection of series is also available on the website. You can search for your favorite movies either from different genres or even by the year of release.

20. GoStream

GoStream gives you access to a large bunch of wonderful films, TV shows, Episodes as well. Unlike other platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there is no need to pay subscription fees in advance. You can watch all movies and series completely at zero cost.

You only required an internet connection to access all these services. You can searches for any movies either from different genres, country, release date whichever is convenient to you. The site will also show the list of movies most-watched in the week and this will help you know what is trending.

Benefits of Openload


Openload was universally accessible, making it easy for anyone with an internet connection to upload or download files without geographical restrictions.

User-friendly Interface

Navigating the platform was effortless, thanks to its clean, intuitive design. This made it suitable even for users with minimal technical know-how.

No Subscription Needed

Users did not need to subscribe or register to use basic features, making it a go-to platform for many looking for quick uploads or downloads.

High-Speed Downloads

Openload was known for its high-speed download capabilities, which is a crucial factor in the realm of file-sharing services.

Diverse Content Library

The platform had a vast and diverse library of movies and TV shows, satisfying a wide array of preferences and tastes.

Is Openload Safe?

While Openload was popular, questions around its safety were often raised. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Copyright Infringement: Openload hosted a large amount of copyrighted content, which posed a legal risk for users.
  2. Malware and Adware: The site sometimes displayed intrusive ads, which could potentially include malware or adware.
  3. No Quality Control: Anyone could upload files, which means there was a risk of downloading malicious content inadvertently.

What Happened to Openload Movies?

As of my last update in September 2021, Openload ceased its operations in 2019 after a legal settlement. Openload was accused of hosting copyrighted content without appropriate licenses. This led to its database being purged, leaving users to seek alternative platforms for their file hosting and sharing needs.

Is Openload Free?

Yes, Openload was predominantly a free service, which contributed significantly to its popularity. However, the platform monetized its operations through ads, which, as mentioned earlier, sometimes posed a safety risk.

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Summing Up

All the possible alternative of Openload Movies are listed in the article. You must have realized that all these platforms are more or less similar to each other. All these sites will give access to popular movies without any subscription fee.

Most of the above-listed sites are illegal sites that provide content without having copyright. So there is a possibility these sites may get crashed. And if something like that happens to the most popular movie streaming site Openload then can consider Openload stream movies.

Openload was a well-known file-hosting service that offered a slew of benefits, including ease of use and a vast content library. However, its journey came to an abrupt end due to legal issues surrounding copyrighted content. If you’re in search of a reliable and safe file-hosting service, it’s crucial to opt for platforms that respect copyright laws and prioritize user safety.

Enjoy watching movies online!