Opal C1 – A Tiny DSLR Webcam For Mac

Well, now that the entire world has shifted online and video conference is something that we are all having to do at this point on a regular basis, we would also need a good webcam for all the meetings and conferences. So looking at the conference cams and webcams, we have been searching for a good one that can improve the quality of your video call or conference.

We have come across one such webcam that is coming at a heavy price, but the results are also very good. Opal’s C1 webcam is what it is called. It is essentially a very tiny DSLR camera. You can definitely buy it, and then you can have that attaches to your Mac. It is not that hard to find and attach.

Opal C1 webcam for Mac

It will work wonders, and you will see how much the quality of your video call or conference has changed. Let’s be honest the built-in webcams are purely bad. This will change the game altogether. We think that this is a great investment if you are someone who has to make regular video calls or regularly attend video conferences when at work.

The C1 houses a mirrorless, 7.8mm 4K Sony sensor that is known to be having and sports a 78-degree field of view and hits 60 frames per second. This is like everything that you need to have in a good DSLR camera. The Opal C1 measures 1.97 x 3.07 x 1.81 inches.

Now some of you might be thinking that is pretty bulky for a typical webcam. It is true, it does weigh more than the typical webcam, but you need to understand that it is not just any typical webcam. It had a lot more advantages, and that is why it weighs more than a typical webcam. So make sure you check it.