The Best Online Bingo Strategies That Will Help You Win

While online bingo may revolve around the notion of luck, there are still some ways that you can increase your chances of winning. From buying more tickets to playing bingo at certain times of the day, you may just finish a game with a prize or more cash in your pocket if you maximize specific strategies.

However, it is always good not to forget that online bingo is ultimately still a luck-based game and while these strategies may increase your winning chances, they do not guarantee any sure wins in a bingo game. However, for those who are interested to play the game well, read on the find out how you can increase your chances of winning online bingo. When you’re done, you can also compare the latest bonuses here and put your skills to the test!

Best Online Bingo Strategies That Will Help You Win

Online Bingo Tickets

The more you play online bingo, the more chances you have at winning; that’s the bare minimum that any player can prepare for. Play more tickets, and you will increase your chances of returning with a successful win. As bingo tickets are usually given in books of six and have a total of 90 numbers shown in a standard game, buying full strips of tickets would allow you to play with every number and increase your chances of winning.

Hence, we recommend buying more strips of tickets if you want to increase your chances of winning a bingo game. In addition, there will be no more use for those tickets once the current game is over, so we might as well spend those tickets, right?

Which Online Bingo Room To Choose From

While it may come as a surprise to a few, choosing a bingo with a smaller number of participants will increase one’s chances of winning a game. This is because, with a smaller amount of people playing the same game, there will be less overall competition and higher chances for you to win the game.

Take note of rooms that run at night or rooms that are run by smaller websites, this will always have fewer players in the room. Thus, this gives you a higher chance of winning the prize. Big online bingo websites often have lots of players participating and trying out their luck, however, likewise, the prizes given out are also bigger. This would ultimately be up to one’s personal preferences when it comes to online bingo games and rewards: would you prefer more wins and smaller prizes, or fewer wins and bigger prizes?

What Are The Bingo Systems?

While everyone knows that a bingo game is conducted by a random number generator, there are still some fervent believers in bingo systems. These people believe that there are certain systems in place that do help to increase one’s chances of winning a bingo game. However, do note that there are no proven strategies or evidence to support their claims. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try out some of these systems for yourself to try.

What Are The Bingo Systems

Tippett’s System

The English statistician called Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett believed that in a 75 ball game, choosing a number that is closer to the median number as the game carries on increases one’s chances of winning. The shorter the game, the more you would want to bet at the extreme ends of the numbers available.

Granville’s System

Known as one of the most famous number systems in the world, the Granville system prompts players to choose cards that are either a good mix of odd and even numbers, or high and low numbers; or even bingo tickets that have similar numbers ending in the same digits. By choosing tickets with interestingly symmetric numbers such as these, one increases their chances of winning according to the concept of probability.

In theory, choosing tickets with symmetric numbers ensures a balanced variety of numbers. As such, this increases your chances of winning an online bingo game. With that being said, it’s also important to note that this is by no means a guarantee that you’ll win as the numbers are still randomly generated by the online system.

Other Useful Strategies

However, if strategies are something are you are interested in, they might make the bingo playing experience more exciting for you. No matter what type of bingo game you are playing, it is important to keep in mind that these numbers are all selected by the random number generator, which cannot be influenced and creates a random outcome each time. However, if you’re feeling lucky and want to incorporate one of these strategies into your gameplay, then feel free to be our guest!

Rules You Need To Know

If you are planning to be a long-term online bingo player, there are some unspoken rules that one should follow to ensure a safe and satisfying bingo game experience. Some of these include setting a personal budget so that you don’t over gamble and lose too much money in a game. Ask yourself how much you are willing to lose and then set that aside for each game, without overstepping your boundaries.

Also, remember to play online bingo when you are in a good mood. There is no point in trying to enjoy the game if your mood regresses depending on the number of losses you experience. This can not only make bingo frustrating, it may even deter you from playing altogether.

Stop chasing your wins as these are not guaranteed. The healthier way to enjoy bingo is to play within your budget and mood. It is also important to pick a reliable and safe online bingo website to play on.

Luckily, there are a lot of options to choose from, such as small rooms to those that allow you to chat and interact with other people. And likewise, it is also important to know why you are playing bingo. If you are playing to win money, then your goals and websites might change accordingly.


Lastly, for any good online bingo player, we recommend practicing bingo first before you dive into depositing real money in a bingo game room. There are plenty of free bingo games for interested players to try, and then decide if this is truly the game for them.