6 Essential Online and Technological Approaches for Business Growth

Technology has always been a major driving force behind business growth. From the Industrial Revolution to the Information Age, the Internet’s rise has transformed many industries’ landscapes. These days, it is absolutely vital for businesses to make use of technology to be successful. Still, with so many online resources and useful pieces of software available, it can be hard to know where to invest your time and money.

Here are six essential online and technological approaches you need to consider to help grow your business.

1. Use Digital Marketing for Brand Growth

The Internet has changed the face of marketing, and traditional ad copy and radio commercials have been replaced with digital marketing methods. Every business these days needs a great website, but you will need a well-executed SEO strategy to bring visitors to your site.

Online and Technological Approaches for Business Growth

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’, and it ensures that your website appears at the top of search engine results pages when web users search for related keywords. Bringing people to your website creates the opportunity to convert website visitors into customers. Without SEO, it will be challenging for your website to stand out from your competition and build your brand.

2. Implement Online Identity Verification

Verifying people’s identities online is very important to prevent fraud or other cybercrimes. There are various ID verification solutions, but the folks from MicroBlit.com explain that comprehensive checks using international watchlists are the most effective in helping your business know who you are doing business with.

By implementing ID verification technology, you can ensure that your potential employee, customer, or partner has no history of fraud or other criminal behavior and won’t have any problem making the payments they owe you.

3. Store Your Business’s Data Storage on a Cloud Platform

Keeping data safe is absolutely vital for every base because a data breach can have serious consequences. All businesses have a large amount of sensitive data, such as their customers’ personal and financial details.

The best course of action is to store your data on a specialized cloud platform as they have excellent security and practically limitless storage capacity. You can also give employees, partners and customers access to your files on the cloud so that you can share data without having to send it over email. 

4. Use Protected Payment Solutions

Paying for products and services online can really concern customers as people are always told not to share their card details with anyone. To put your customers at ease and ensure that their financial information is safe, your website and online stores must use protected payment solutions.

Use Protected Payment Solutions for Business Growth

This technology ensures that nobody can steal someone else’s card to use for online purchases. It only takes one person to have their card details stolen for your customers to lose faith in your payment system entirely, so make sure you use the most advanced technology if your business accepts online payments. 

5. Use Video Conferencing Effectively

Video calls have been around for a long time, but the rise of Zoom and other video conferencing technology during the Covid-19 Pandemic has really changed how businesses operate. With multi-location video conferencing you can speak to customers, clients, business partners, and employees anywhere in the world.

With integrated presentation capabilities, you can share multimedia information with the other parties on the call, which means you don’t need to meet in person to get business done.  During these times of social distancing and international travel restrictions, businesses’ only way to continue to grow is to use video conferencing effectively.

6. Implement Automated Payroll to Simplify HR

Payroll can be a time-consuming and expensive part of running any business, especially if your business has many employees with different wage structures and benefits. By implementing an automated payroll system, all wages are calculated and automatically paid, which takes the enormous strain off your HR department.

Automation in HR and Payroll enables your business to spend more time focusing on improving your employee experience and satisfaction so that you have a happy and dedicated workforce to bring with you into the future.

With so many excellent technological developments being made in every industry, almost every business aspect can be made more efficient and effective. The Internet has enabled businesses to connect with partners and customers in a way that was not possible before, and the potential growth which online services provide are without limit. Try implementing some of the strategies laid out in this article, and you will see some significant improvements in your business.