On-Site and Virtual Employee Wellness Ideas and Ways to Implement Them

Employee wellness is extremely important for the general health and development of your company. Both on-site and remote employees are assets and are the ones that help keep the company progressing, so it’s important to look after them properly.

There are so many ways of improving employee well-being and in this article, there will be some ideas to get you started.

On-Site and Virtual Employee Wellness Ideas and Ways to Implement Them

Games and Activities

Getting people moving about by engaging them in some fun activities can make a major difference to their well-being and subsequently their productivity. There are tons of employee wellness activities that can either get their blood pumping or offer a moment of peace and quiet.

This could be in the form of an energetic dance session or a 5-minute yoga during a quick break from work. You can use this as a chance to do some team-building activities as well, such as untangling a human knot or playing a game of word association on video calls for remote workers.

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Counselling Sessions

Having a space safe to vent can help an employee (both office and remote workers) destress and work through any problems they are facing. Counselling sessions can help employees make better and more responsible decisions in the workplace, and improve their interactions with other employees (who might be being affected by their moods).

Alternatively, you can provide access to mental health seminars and resources that can give them the knowledge to understand how they can better manage their work-life balance.

Listen To Feedback

Even if you cannot provide a professional counsellor, offering an ear can be helpful too; this could just be in the form of one on one meetings where you take on board any feedback they have about working at the company.

Work can play into the stresses and hardships that someone is facing, so trying to ease this aspect of their life should be something you actively work on.

Listening to their criticism and concerns about work and then coming up with ways to improve the company and fix issues can mean a lot to an employee. Not just because a problem might be fixed, but because they feel valued and respected as well.

On-Site and Virtual Employee Wellness Ideas and Ways to Implement Them

Showing Gratitude

Employees need to feel valued and appreciated, so it’s important to recognize their hard work and accomplishments. You can set up an employee of the month scheme, offer bonuses, give opportunities for promotions or just write the odd thank you message.

You can even give extra time off and host social events that celebrate the achievements of employees. Showing gratitude is a great way to improve the well-being of your staff, as well as motivate the team and boost morale.

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So now you know some great ways to improve employee wellness and how to implement them into how you run your Business. Hosting team games during office hours can get them on their feet for a few minutes so they can refocus on their work.

Communication is also super important so offering counselling sessions, expressing your gratitude, and listening to employee feedback can help them feel more valued.