Olympic Skateboarding Horigome Soars And Huston Stumbles

Assuming only one name is required to be famous, like LeBron, Serena, Sinbad, or Bono, the story of how he got here could occupy three movies or equal the number of pages in seven Harry Potter novels.

Huston signed on with his first sponsor when he was just seven years old. He won the largest amateur competition in the world when he was only ten years old.

Olympic Skateboarding Horigome Soars And Huston Stumbles

He became the most technically proficient skateboarder of all time, often pulling off tricks that no one else in the sport had even thought possible.

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Yuto won the match. Meanwhile, skateboarding is still a rarity and often illegal in Japan, despite the fact that the country has produced a gold medal skateboarder.

Paris 2024’s new scoring system (2/5/3/) debuted in the semi-finals in Rome. A skateboarder’s final score can range from 0 to 300; it’s based on the sum of their best run and two best tricks out of a potential five.

Skateboarding was born in California. However, Japan has made history by becoming the first nation to win gold in the emerging Olympic sport.

On Sunday, Yuto Horigome triumphed in the first-ever men’s street competition held at Ariake Urban Sports Park.

The defending champion, Horigome, lost to Nyjah Huston of the United States, who is widely considered the best street skater in the world.

Huston Stumbles Contest Skating

His emergence was shaped by his upbringing in Davis, California, with rastafarian parents and relative seclusion.

The six members of the Huston family—mother, father, four children—relocated to a farm in Puerto Rico so remote that the two concepts might be at odds with one another. His parents divorced.

After he made a lot of money and decided to return to California, he ran into some trouble with the law. Enjoyment arose in his case.

With six world championships and twelve X Games victories under his belt, he was clearly the best contest skater of all time.


Skateboarding’s global influence has been recognised, and the sport has been asked to compete in the Olympics.

Yet it needed look no further than downtown to find the first Olympic gold medalist. On Sunday, 22-year-old Yuto Horigome.

The son of a taxi driver in Tokyo, won a gold medal for street skateboarding in an empty, burning skatepark, less than nine miles from his childhood home.