NYPD Releases Video of Deranged Man Stabbing Moma Employees …

Police in Philadelphia said on Tuesday that they have apprehended the suspect wanted in connection with the stabbing deaths of two museum workers on Saturday at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

A representative for the New York Police Department said that after Gary Cabana, 60, is extradited to the city, details about the allegations against him would be released.
According to the Philadelphia Police Department, early on Tuesday morning, officers located Cabana asleep on a bench inside the Greyhound station located in Chinatown.
It is unknown if Cabana has legal representation.

NYPD Releases Video of Deranged Man Stabbing Moma Employees ...

According to the authorities, both of the hurt workers were 24 years old. A female victim was stabbed three times; twice in the lower back and once in the neck. Officials said the other victim, a man, was stabbed once in the left collar bone.

At a press conference on Saturday night, police said both victims had been taken to Bellevue Hospital and were considered to have a good chance of survival.
To sum up all we know about Cabana:

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The Museum Claims he Made Frequent Visits From Time to Time.

According to the police, he frequented the museum.
The cops characterised him as having on a black jacket and a surgical mask just after the incident.

The NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism, John Miller, said that as that description was broadcast across division radio units in the area, police responding to the site quickly began searching the area.
A surveillance camera recorded his exit from the museum, allowing authorities to track his whereabouts.

Miller added that Cabana is well-known to the NYPD and was wanted in connection with two incidents in the area of Midtown Manhattan where the museum is located previous to the double stabbing.

A tiny fire on the fifth story of a Best Western in Philadelphia was put out on Monday night, and authorities believe he may be connected to this incident as well.
On Saturday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said he was briefed on the event and that it “appears to be an isolated, criminal incident,” per a tweet from the mayor’s press secretary.

Cabana visited the museum with the aim of watching a film, but was turned away when security checked his ID, authorities said.

Miller said on Saturday that at around 4:15 p.m., someone tried to get into the museum by showing a membership card, but was turned away since the card had expired.

His membership had been revoked because of “two incidences involving unruly conduct here at the museum on two consecutive dates in recent days,” he explained.
Angering about being turned away, the guy allegedly rushed the counter and attacked the two workers.

Miller described the event as a “rapidly unfolding spontaneous incident,” despite the presence of numerous security personnel in the area.

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A Panicked Crowd of Museumgoers Left the Building.

Videos uploaded to social media sites show a big group of individuals exiting the museum at once.

Yuichi Shimada, a benefactor of the Museum of Modern Art, took to Twitter to depict the hectic scene, writing, “several police vehicle and ambulances.”
The other guests began leaving one by one, and it appeared that everyone had been told to evacuate, as Shimada tweeted.

Shimada described the scene as “chaotic,” attributing the disorder to the snowfall as well as the presence of a group of young women in a state of fright and tears.

The Museum of Modern Art has temporarily closed and will not be showing any films during this time.
On Sunday, museum staff said the establishment would be closed until Tuesday.
The museum tweeted their gratitude for the overwhelming amount of support they’d received.

The movies “Paper Moon,” “Wattstax,” “Bringing Up Baby,” and “Cutting Horse” were scheduled to play there on Saturday.

The Museum of Modern Art announced on its website Monday that all next film screenings would be postponed until Thursday.