Nordgreen I Men and Women Watches

You might or might not have heard about Nordgreen. It is a company that sells watches. We find that this company has many beautiful and classic watches that we absolutely love. Before we get into the collection that they have, we will discuss the origin of Nordgreen and how it came to be. It’s only fair, don’t you think that we should learn more about stuff before we venture into buying from a deal.

I feel that it is an essential part of the shopping experience. Their story began in the year 2017. It does not seem so long ago, but it has been a long time for them and a huge milestone too. Nordgreen has two partners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt. They came together and brainstormed the idea of creating a sustainable timepiece. They together created an aesthetically pleasing model.

Best Nordgreen Men and Women Watches

They made sure that in making these designer timepieces, they do not neglect the functionality of the models. Jakob Wagner, who is an award-winning chief designer, helped with the design of the models for the best possible outcome. (In case you do not know who Jakob Wagner is, he won his title by working for Hay, B&B Italia, Bang and Olufsen, and so many more)

Nordgreen Collection

Nordgreen is a typical Danish surname. It is made up of two words – Nord and Green. The Nord definitely means Nordic, and it is an affirmation of their Nordin lineage or rather an identity, to be precise. Green means that they are conscious of their environment pay close attention to it, and help preserve by creating an eco-friendly model.

They have excellent watches that are bound to draw the attention of others. The style and make of the models are so classic and sophisticated that it almost looks effortless and flawless, but you will definitely find the pieces to be ethereal. Nordgreen’s watches under 300 is something that everybody demands from a good brand.

They have both men’s and women’s collections. You can choose either one. They can also make for a great gift. You can rest assured since we are going to tell you all about their range. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.


We are not misogynists! But we will begin with men first. They have some extremely stunning models in their men’s collection. Some are so good that one of our co-workers is hell-bent on getting it. I can’t say we blame him, though. However, there are 3 ranges of male watches that they have in their collection. Namely, they are called – The Native, The Pioneer, and The Philosopher. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Nordgreen Men and Women Watches

Men Watches Range

  • The Pioneer – These watches have a minimalistic look, and it is also the winner of the Red Dot Design Award. It is the first chronograph model piece that they have created. You can look for yourself and see the beauty of these models. You will find that each piece is unique and striking in its own way.
  • The Philosopher – This is their best selling models. The Philosopher watches are known for their asymmetric hands. They have elegance in them, which makes them a popular choice. It has a truly unique design, and it is very versatile. Don’t wait and check out best men watches under 300 and buy one.
  • The Native – This has a minimalistic design that screams out sophistication. It is created for those men who want to look sophisticated yet modest in their life. The subtle detailing of the watches is said to be timeless. Balance is important in our lives, and that is what this watch represents. Jakob Wagner knew what he was doing when he designed the native watches.


Well, these models created for women are no one-season deal. They are timeless and will last a lifetime. This is a great inclusion to your wardrobe. They are stylish, and they work well too. This will be a profitable investment in the long run. It’s not like you will run out of options either because they have such a good range in their women’s collection.

Nordgreen Women Watches

Women Watches Range

  • The Infinity – It is the first women timepiece that they created. It is noted for its curvature. There is a balance between style and substance. We love the way that this style of watch is so simple yet so sophisticated.
  • The Native – Similar to that of the men, this is also a timeless model. It is minimalistic, but it is in no way inferior to any of the other model ranges they have. These are classic models, and they will never go out of style. It is a blend of simple and sophisticated.
  • The Philosopher – This is similar to the range of men. They are the best selling women models. This model also has asymmetric hands too. The design has pushed the boundaries and created a stunning timepiece.
  • The Unika – This is their newest range of female watch models. This is a beautiful piece that looks especially great on a woman. The Unika and the Infinity are the only two ranges that are specifically designed for women only.

We Love Nordgreen Giving Back Program

It is important to give back to the community. Nordgreen could not bear the idea of taking from the community but not giving anything in return to them. They believe that there are so many people over the world who are in need. If they could help a fraction of them, then they would be grateful.

Nordgreen Giving Back Program

As the community helped them grow, they wanted to make sure that their watches are not just designer watches but that they meant something. Using the serial number on the watch that you buy, you can decide where and which cause your donation goes. This allows the buyers to donate to their favorite cause too. This is a great initiative taken by Nordgreen. We are so proud of it.