Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Now Reportedly an Outcast in Vacation Town

Richard Spencer, the neo-Nazi who is credited with creating the phrase “alt-right,” has been utterly shunned by the locals of a small resort town in Montana.

The New York Times claims that Spencer has become a “outcast” in Whitefish, Montana, a “largely liberal, affluent community ensconced” in a county that backs Donald Trump.

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Now Reportedly an Outcast in Vacation Town

Spencer can’t get a table at many of the town’s restaurants because of deliberate efforts made by locals, and if he manages to get inside, he gets booed at the door.

Despite not living in the area all year, Spencer has been able to stir up enough controversy with his racism.

After the 2016 election, Spencer’s mother contacted a local real estate agent for guidance on how to put a space between herself and her son, whose opinions she did not share.

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Montana Resort Town Residents Band Together to Shun Broke Richard Spencer

Bring out the smallest violin ever made. Richard Spencer, a white nationalist, is on the run in Whitefish, Montana, keeping a low profile and allegedly eluding locals.

An area real estate agent who was the focus of an anti-Semitic hate campaign that started in 2016 says it’s a “very pleasant feeling.”

Residents and leaders of the predominantly affluent and liberal neighbourhood say that the community has banded to spurn and shun Spencer and his followers.

Tanya Gersh told The New York Times she recently encountered Spencer: “He runs.” The mayor of the town claimed that Spencer entered a restaurant in 2019 and was promptly booed out again. That was the last time he had seen the neo-Nazi.


Richard Bertrand Spencer, a neo-Nazi, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, and white supremacist from the United States, was born in May 1978.

He is a public speaker and activist for the alt-right movement and a former editor. He calls for transforming the European Union into a White racial empire

In order to replace the many ethnic identities of Europe with a single, monolithic “White identity.”

Spencer has argued for the expulsion of racial minorities from the United States and the enslavement of Haitians by White people.

While also praising the political strategies of George Lincoln Rockwell, the leader of the American Nazi Party.