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Guy’s Grocery Games is one of the top American Reality Cooking Shows. Guy Fieri hosts the show on Food Network. If you are a cooking aficionado, then you should watch this show.

It also allows you to gain knowledge about different recipes from all over the world. The contestants have to prepare delicacies with the ingredients that are available at the supermarket grocery store.

The host puts the contestants through some tough and challenging circumstances. Now, you can catch up with the show on your smart devices like Roku, Fire Stick etc. apart from PC and laptop. You can download Discovery Plus and watch what it offers unhindered.

Even if you miss out on the telecast on the channel, the OTT platform will make it easy for you to watch the show. Moreover, you can enjoy all the entertainment, from the comfort of your home.

There are times when you cannot complete the series in one go, so watch in your own time. Mystream discovery plus downloader will make it easy for you to watch the show after you download the content. It will enable you to watch the episodes offline as well.

Show Name… Guy’s Grocery Games

Guy’s Grocery Games

Ratings: 6.6 /10

  • Genre: Reality-TV, Cooking, Game Show
  • Production Company – Knuckle Sandwich
  • Produced by: Bryan Johnson, Sam Perotti
  • Casts: Guy Fieri, Troy Johnson, Aarti Sequeiria


The winning chef gets to take home $20,000 as a bonus at the grocery mart. The guaranteed payout ranges between $5,000 to $10,000. There have been 27 seasons to date. In each episode four chefs fight it out in a three-round format. In every round, one of them stands to get eliminated.

You will often find other contestant chefs from Fieri’s other shows like Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The cookery competition is aired from a real supermarket-themed set. However, the first episode was shot at a real supermarket.

You will find the contestants grappling through the items kept in the ten aisles. There is fresh produce, like meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, as well as frozen items. Each chef has a separate cooking station in the show.

Moreover, there will be three judges, with Guy Fieri as the main one introducing them at the beginning of the show. You can download Discovery Plus to watch the shows.

Judges grade the contestants on various parameters, like the taste, gameplay, creativity, plating, and the chef’s ability to describe his dish. The chefs need to get scores on a 50-point system.

Moreover, the main host and judge get to spin the wheel as a bonus at the end of each episode. When a chef fails to make a mark, he is made to do or wear something embarrassing, like a placard designed in a funny manner.

There are several possibilities that keep changing with episodes so that the entertainment and fun component does not go amiss.

Storyline or Show Format

In each round, the main host Guy Fieri throws a different set of challenges for the contestants to comply with. Initially, you will find the chefs getting a random picture of the ingredients that they can use in the dish.

As the show progresses, the judge also declares some of the aisles as prohibited. So, the contestants have to prepare food with what is available. In one of the instances, the chefs get about 30 minutes to gather their stuff.

The contestants have to cook for four and do the plating, one for each of the judges including Guy Fieri. The judges check each dish and vote one contestant out after each round. Sometimes the judges decide to eliminate two chefs in the second round, if they are close competitors.

The last one who remains gets the guaranteed payout and also stands to get the final bonus. Season 1-11 saw one format. The chefs were supposed to get one named item from the ten aisles each and got $2,000 for each retrieval.

However, from season 12, the format went through some changes. There, Guy Fieri reads up to five clues, which the contestants must identify and retrieve into the cart. The value for each amount to $4,000.

During the pandemic, the first two rounds were held through video conferencing. The food and sometimes the tools used were delivered to the judges, who often recreated the same. There were minor changes in the parameters as well.

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Twists and Turns That Enthrall

If you miss the show on the channel, you can download Discovery Plus to watch it. The show follows various formats within the show, from time to time, so that the audience does not get bored.

Take the example of 1,2,3, where the contestants can shop at any three aisles. Moreover, the chefs were asked to prepare the same thing in two different ways. ABC Game is another format where the contestants had to choose the ingredients based on the first alphabet, which was given randomly. Budget Battle was an instant hit as well.

Contestants had to shop within a budget or take some assistance from deal coupons. There are numerous twists and challenges thrown in from time to time by the main host.  The show also featured quizzes in the initial seasons. It is a fun show to watch on Discovery Plus.

The Verdict

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