Monitoring Your Mobile Property Has Never Been Easier: Learn How

Gone are the days of keeping a paper trail of what your mobile assets are doing on the road. Not only were these methods exhausting, but they were also very unreliable. You had to trust the word of your drivers, not knowing if they are actually telling you the truth or not.

These old tracking methods also made it very difficult to lease trucks. There was hardly any reliable method of determining whether the client is using your asset as agreed.

Thankfully, technology has brought remarkable changes to the industry, making it easier to keep an eye on your assets wherever they are. These modern solutions are cost-efficient and have played a significant role in increasing productivity.

Monitoring Your Mobile Property Has Never Been Easier

How To Track Your Mobile Assets

Global Positioning Systems or GPS are the most popular type of fleet tracking. GPS provides real-time data on the location of your track on-demand. The system can also be customized to deliver alerts at set intervals making it easier to know the when and where your track is.

The best GPS trailer tracking systems also come with highly customizable capabilities for improved performance. For instance, you can create a geofence that ensures your track does not go beyond the designated parameter. In case it does, the systems will send alerts to your fleet manager immediately. This is very helpful in dealing with rogue drivers and issues of theft.

Features Of A Good Mobile Tracking System

There are many asset tracking systems on the market, each claiming to be better than the other. The following are key features that you must look for in a tracking solution:


Mobile assets are exposed to all kinds of harsh conditions out there. In addition to the constant jostling, they have to endure the changing seasons from extreme heat to cold and snowy winters.

Invest in a system that can survive these conditions to get the best value for your money.


When you are running a fleet of over 50 trailers, there’s a very high possibility that you’ll only see some of those trailers once a year. Sometimes you’ll buy the trailer and never see it again.

It’s critical that you get a reliable system that can keep track of your mobile properties regardless of where they are.


Different tracking systems produce different alerts. Install a system that supports extensive alert customization to get all the data you need.

Other than the real-time location of the asset, you can also set alerts for vehicle motion and diagnostics.

Some systems even help you determine when the trailer’s back door is open and when the vehicle and trailer are separated.

Ease Of Use

You are a fleet manager, not an IT guru, so the platform should be friendly and intuitive but detailed enough to produce all the relevant information.

Battery Life

Check how the tracker is powered. If it’s using a battery, inquire about the battery life.

Capabilities Offered

Check the features offered by the system and compare them against your needs. Does it help you monitor drivers’ behavior? Can it send alerts on vehicle diagnostics and maintenance issues? Does it show idling time? Can it be synchronized with temperature monitors if your trailer transports perishable goods?

Benefits Of Tracking Your Mobile Properties

Below are four reasons why you ought to invest in an excellent mobile tracking system:

1. Supports FMCSA Compliance

In 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandated the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) in fleets. Therefore, installing tracking systems is not just a matter of protecting your investments, but it’s also a requirement by law.

2. It Saves Money

Benefits Of Tracking Your Mobile Properties

Tracking systems save money in various ways. The experts at explain that trackers prevent property misuse since they can be customized to deliver alerts whenever a driver goes off-route. The systems prevent these behaviors, and in doing so, they’ll reduce the expenses on fueling, maintenance, and unnecessary driver bonuses.

Property tracking systems are also good in reducing idling time. Sometimes this problem is caused by rogue drivers. Trackers make it easier to identify and eliminate idling time.

As pointed out earlier, some systems can be integrated with the vehicle’s diagnostics. Such systems will issue alerts when there is a mechanical problem. It gives you sufficient time to resolve the issue before it becomes expensive and will also help to eliminate unnecessary downtimes.

Additionally, trackers keep an eye on the vehicle’s mileage and send automatic notifications when maintenance is due.

3. It Saves Time

Digital tracking systems will optimize your fleet schedules and efficiency, saving both time and money.

The systems also eliminate yard hunts making it easier for you and your clients to know where each trailer is. This is especially important considering the increasing sizes of yards.

4. It Increases Your Property’s Security

GPS trackers increase the visibility of your property. You’ll always know where the assets are, plus features like Geofence will help you stay proactive on the security of your cargo.

Tracking mobile property is easier now more than ever before. The systems are beneficial to both established fleet owners and startups. While the initial cost may feel high, the long-term savings and protection are well worth it.