Missing 14-Year-Old Who Used to Live in Gwinnett Found Safe in Wisconsin

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI in Tennessee have issued a missing person’s alert for a young woman last seen in the area on December 1.

Savannah Leigh Pruitt was reported missing by her family on January 13 after she failed to return to her home in Madisonville, Tennessee (a suburb of Knoxville).

Missing 14-Year-Old Who Used to Live in Gwinnett Found Safe in Wisconsin

Former FBI Atlanta spokesman Kevin Rowson mentioned that Pruitt had called Lawrenceville home.

“Before moving to Knoxville four weeks before she vanished, the girl had spent many years in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Savannah Last Seen By Her Parents Before Missing

Savannah was last seen by her parents on January 13th, when she went to bed. Christina Pruitt, the girl’s mother, told WJW that the 14-year-old was missing when she went to check on her the following morning.

On the morning she was reported missing, Savannah’s cell phone reportedly rang off a tower in Corbin.

Kentucky, roughly 140 miles from her home in Madisonville, at around 5:15 a.m. EST. Since that initial ping, though, her phone has been completely silent.

Savannah was homeschooled, according to her father Randall, after the family relocated from Lawrenceville, Georgia to Tennessee in the month of December.

He continued by saying that neither he nor his wife believed she made an effort to return to their former house because she missed the rural Tennessee lifestyle they had established.

Savannah’s parents claimed on Friday that their daughter has a soft spot for the family’s horses, raccoon, and other farm animals.

The rest of Savannah’s siblings, according to Christina, are “heartbroken” and “don’t comprehend” what happened. Savannah is the eldest of four children.

Tennessee Found Safe

Last week, officials located a missing Tennessee adolescent who had been considered to be at “severe risk” of harm in southern Alabama.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced on social media that Daphne Westbrook, age 18, had been located in the rural community of Samson.


Daphne Westbrook, then 16 years old, was allegedly abducted by her non-custodial father John Westbrook in Chattanooga in 2019.

Samson Police Chief Jimmy Hill told AL.com that Daphne was found by police after a traffic check.

But Tennessee authorities have not commented on the teen’s condition or the circumstances surrounding her discovery.

According to Chief Hill, she told the police that she and her dog were alone in the car and on their way to the beach.

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