Microsoft Makes Brad Smith Its Vice Chair

Microsoft had made a decision and they had said on Tuesday to the news that its board had deliberated and approved on the appointment of Brad Smith as in the position of vice-chair. This came on quite suddenly but in such cases, we never know what is going to happen and what decision is going to be made.

The move had been thought on and it is coming about months after Satya Nadella was made on to move and he took on the role of chairman, this was soon after he had been on with the joining of the board. When he joined the board as the chairman, he replaced Steve Ballmer as CEO in 2014.

Microsoft Makes Brad Smith Its Vice Chair
Brad Smith, President, Microsoft.

“This decision is important as it reflects the unique leadership role that Brad had been playing in the company, and we hope he is going to continue to play the role. It is as our board of directors and I have firm beliefs along with the governments and all the other external stakeholders that are spread all around the world,” Nadella gave out a statement to the news when asked about the matter.

Brad Smith had been associated with the company for a long time. He is Microsoft’s top lawyer per se and he had represented Microsoft in many regular cases. He is among the top executive of the company.

He was leading over 1500 people in legal and corporate affairs in 54 countries. This is a major deal and he seems to be a pro at his job.

He joined the law firm way back in 1993. He is very good in the work that he does and he had been adequately recognized for his job by Microsoft. Smith became Microsoft’s President back in 2015.

However, now he is elected as the vice-chair and we can only hope that the work he does is what he always excelled in. So what comes in the future is not something that we know. But we hope that we will be able to keep you updated with the news regarding this matter.