Microsoft is Sending Out Free Gift Cards Worth Up To $100 Each

Well, we woke up to some nice surprises today! Microsoft is in the holiday mood today, and that’s why they are sending out free gift cards to their users. Well, the gift cards are almost 100 dollars in worth, so that is not something that is small. We are extremely excited about the news. We might be reporting it a bit late, and many of you might have already got the gift card, lucky you!

But we needed to tell this news to the world in case you have not heard the news yet. The winners of the gift cards are chosen at random, so you might as well be chosen as one, go check out your inbox or spam folder as soon as possible.

Microsoft is Sending Out Free Gift Cards Worth Up To $100 Each

They are not being stingy about it as Microsoft had been known to give out hundreds and thousands of gift cards to their users for free. We are still keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that our account is chosen too. We are sure that you are too after getting this news. It is truly a holiday gift that can also be used for something useful.

If you are one of the lucky ones that got the free gift card from Microsoft, then you can redeem it by 31 December, and then you can also use that redeemed money for anything on Microsoft but within a period of 90 days or roughly three months after redeeming it.

The report might have been taken as a mere rumor if it had not been confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson. “To help spread holiday cheer, Microsoft Store has surprised a total of 50,000 U.S. customers with virtual gift cards via email. 25,000 customers will receive a $100 Microsoft Gift Card while 25,000 others will receive a $10 Microsoft Gift Card ahead of this holiday season,” he said.

That is all for now. We are happy to share and confirm this news. Have a great day, everyone!