How to Prepare for Microsoft 70-764 Exam with Exam Dumps

How to Prepare for Microsoft 70-764 Exam with Exam Dumps – In an era where data continues to drive strategic business decisions, the demand for database administrators is only expected to rise. However, a combination of new technological advancements and many organizations’ desire for information has transformed the database landscape, making life more difficult for database administrators, when executives are in dire need of their services.

Fortunately, there are a few helpful strategies that can help you maximize your database management skills and remain relevant in the highly volatile IT landscape. One of them is earning an appropriate credential.

Advance your Knowledge - 70-764 Exam

In this post, we cover what you may need to know about the Microsoft 70-410 exam. You can Read More on This Website and it will surely improve your knowledge about it.


Advantages of Becoming Microsoft SQL Server Certified

Let’s start with a few benefits to becoming Microsoft SQL Server certified.

1. Advance your Knowledge

Of all its exciting features and attributes, integrating SQL server with application development is one of the most overlooked details of the Microsoft SQL Server.

A valid SQL Server credential aims to verify your skills in all aspects of the database domain to make you an all-round professional who can get things done.

If this is not a proper way to advance your knowledge, then what is?

2. Verify Your Knowledge and Skills

There’s no better way to remain competitive in the IT world than verifying your skills on a frequent basis to help you keep pace with the modern trends. Microsoft SQL Server certifications enhance your resume and give you a competitive edge when you want to climb the corporate ladder visit

If you are competing for the same job role, the hiring managers will most likely pay keen attention to certified individuals. And this is where you beat all your competitors. Just like that.

3. Improve Your Earning Potential

Improve Your Earning Potential

A Microsoft certified database administrator enjoys plenty of benefits. And one of them is the potential for improved wages. According to a recent survey by, a certified DBA earns up to $110,000 on a yearly basis making it one of the most popular job roles in the IT industry.

Associated Certification Path for MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration

Exam 70-764 is the first one on your way of becoming MCSA certified in SQL 2016 Database Administration. The second test for you to pass is 70-765.

This MCSA credential authenticates your skills related to installing, maintaining, configuring and provisioning data. It is also the credential of choice if you want to serve as a database administrator or an information specialist.

This credential is the right choice for you, if you are going to get a position of a data administrator or infrastructure specialist.

What to Know About the MCSA 70-764 Exam?

To know more about Exam 70-764 it is all about administering of a SQL Server Database Infrastructure. This exam tests your skills in managing backup and database restoration, managing SQL Server Instances and monitoring them, handling high availability, managing disaster recovery and auditing and configuring data access.

The exam includes 40-60 questions of various types that are to be answered in 2 hours. And before taking this exam you need to pay a fee of $165. So, the Microsoft 70-764 exam targets database professionals whose role involves installing, maintaining, and configuring technical tasks.

Also, such individuals are involved in creating databases, maintaining operational systems, and securing data from illegal access. Now, you may be searching the best ways to prepare for your 70-764 exam. Below, find the best options for you to use.

Microsoft-Offered Training Options for Exam 70-764

While working toward your Microsoft 70-764 exam, you may want to tailor your learning according to your training needs and schedule. And this is where the Microsoft official website comes in handy. Let’s explore a few useful options for Microsoft 70-764 exam prep from the vendor’s website.

So, Microsoft offers a for you to take:

1. Training Course

A course led by instructor is a perfect choice for you to know the exam objectives and get the answers to your questions. The qualified IT expert will clarify you all the difficulties at once, so you’ll save your time instead of wasting your time looking for answers. The course you can opt for is known as 20764C.

2. Microsoft’s Exam Ref Book Series

It is a great way to kickstart your preparation. If you want to expand your real-world knowledge of the exam objectives, then the Exam Ref 70-764 is a worthy tool. Review the strategic case scenarios and step-by-step objectives to boost your knowledge as you aim for your SQL Database credential.

3. Official Practice Test

It can also help you validate your knowledge and prepare adequately for this 70-764 test. You’d be surprised to learn that most of the exam questions are designed in the actual exam format which could do your training journey a world of good.

Also, you may try online training in case you need a specially complied study schedule. And if you want just to combine Microsoft materials with some other resources, visit the Microsoft blog to learn useful exam features and preparation tips.

Why Add Exam Dumps to Your Preparation Materials?

Passing a certification exam doesn’t have to be so complicated if you have good study materials. Use multiple study aids from different sources and combine Microsoft’s offers with supplementary books, videos, and exam dumps.

Speaking about the dumps for 70-764 exam, first of all, it is necessary to find a reliable resource, so we recommend you to visit the website. There you can download free dumps with updated practice questions and answers or a paid Premium Bundle for $39,99, proven by IT-experts.

To use those files in the ETE format, you also need to install the ETE Exam Simulator and enjoy exploring the exam topics and environment. With these materials, the actual exam will not seem challenging at all.


What’s the state of the Microsoft SQL Server platform in 2019? Sounds an interesting question. With all its importance, the IT industry is also very volatile and it won’t be long before your current skills become outdated. Ever wanted to become a Microsoft certified database administrator? Use the actual exam dumps to pass your MCSA 70-764 exam today and grow in your career in IT.