Mexico Soccer Riot: Sanctions, Latest Fallout After Violence Between Queretaro, Atlas Fans in Liga MX

After a violent riot broke out on March 5 at a Mexican league match in Queretaro, league owners met to discuss punishments.

And other repercussions for one of the darkest days in the sport’s history. The first arrests are expected soon.

Mexico Soccer Riot: Sanctions, Latest Fallout After Violence Between Queretaro, Atlas Fans in Liga MX

A riot broke out between fans of the home team, Queretaro, and the visiting team, Atlas, during a Liga MX match on Saturday, and state police in Queretaro are looking for 26 people connected to the incident.

Due to the fighting that broke out on the field, the match was called off in Mexico’s highest level.

Disturbing, vivid, and violent images from the Estadio Corregidora violence have sparked indignation and demands for change among Mexico’s soccer community.

There were 26 people hospitalised, with six in critical condition, and no confirmed fatalities as of March 7.


A Match Between Mexican Football Clubs Was Called Off After Violence

On Saturday, violence between fans of opposing Mexican football clubs erupted onto the field, forcing the cancellation of the match.

Fights broke out between opposing fans in the 63rd minute of Queretaro and Atlas’ game at La Corregidora stadium in the city of Queretaro, which was the ninth round of the 2022 Clausura football competition.

The game was stopped and the players were sent to the locker room as security officers opened the doors so that the fans could leave in safety.

Fans were tripping over each other and some were ducking for cover as they were pelted with kicks and fists.

During the scuffles, a video assistant referee (VAR) monitor was damaged, and photos of injured supporters laying on the ground were shared on social media.


Disturbing, graphic, and violent images from the Estadio Corregidora riot have sparked outrage among Mexico’s soccer community and calls for reform.

There were 26 people hospitalised after the accidents, with five in serious condition and one in critical condition as of March 8. There were no confirmed fatalities.

On March 8, Liga MX club owners gathered for an emergency session organised by league president Mikel Arriola.

Arriola has pledged to deliver exemplary punishment and reevaluate the connection between clubs and their fan bases.