Top 8 Alternatives to MegaBox HD

MegaBox is a satisfying platform for movie lovers where you can enjoy all the content with free of charge. You can watch movies and popular TV shows and is sure to have your favourite movies and shows as well.

You can watch and enjoy the latest movies and shows online which is through the website and also by downloading the stuff to watch later. The website is sure to amaze you with the content.While it is a wonderful platform for entertainment, you can also enjoy movies on other websites and below are the alternatives for MegaBox which are worth trying.



MegaBox HD Alternatives

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34 Best Sites Like CMovies to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online

1. Movie Diary

Movie Diary is one of the best alternatives in the list. It has an amazing feature of tracking the movies you are watching. The movies are host from multiple sources therefore you can watch movies even when one of the sources is obsolete.

It has user amiable interface which makes it ideal for a good entertainment platform. You can watch any movies of different genres and types with easy search through the search bar.It also has a calendar feature which will help you to know the TV shows that are watched and followed by the people.

2. Flixster

One of the most appealing feature is that it is a one place destination for everything you want as a movie lover. It provides a crate of movies, shows, reviews about the movies, previews and social networking as well.Moreover, you also get to read the news about each movie. You can also read the news about the actors and directors under the main news tab.

It also gives you the opportunity to connect with people with similar movie preferences. With it, it has a small social network for movies.

3. Movie Genius

Movie Genius has a large collection of movies to watch online and also you can download them to watch offline. It has movie lists which is already available and you create your own lists to add your favorite movies. The movies can also be filtered according to new or older ones. It has the general features common to most of the platforms while it also has appreciating features of its own as well.

One such feature is the strong recommendation of movies as per your taste. As you surf through the content you will soon get recommendations as per your likes and moreover, you may also recommend movies to your friends as well through the app.

4. Kanopy

Kanopy allows the users to stream over 30,000 films which are of varied genres and the movies on Kanopy are worth watching as it has award-winning movies as well as documentaries.

You are sure to get all the movies that are rare and hard to find, the newest as well as classic movies and feature films, and that too all the content on the platform is available with no costs from your end. You can customize the view settings.

It has an extensive library that can be accessed through public library cards or university email addresses. It has got an amazing user interface where you can get all the featured content on the home page followed by documentaries.

5. JustWatch

It is a platform for the users where new services continue to be launched. It is a popular streaming search engine site and recommendation platform. It is becoming more and more essential for movie lovers.

As it is a search engine you just need to search for the desired movie and it will tell you the platforms where you can watch it. Then you just need to click on the link and it will direct you to the movie and then you can enjoy it.

It has good features that allow you to do unlimited streaming of all the popular movies and TV shows. And it gives the latest information about the movies in the cinemas, new releases and purchases tickets.

6. Bobby Movie

Bobby Movie is a free movie streaming app for IOS as well as android users. It has a great collection of movies and TV shows and channels that allows you to enjoy the content at any time around the world.It has all the movies from Bollywood and Hollywood.

It has movie categories that make it simple for the users to search for them like popular movies, new movies, and has different genres.The contents are available in high-quality resolutions and HD content and a search bar is provided for easy search of the movies and shows.

7. BIGSTAR Movies

It has a wide range of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It has many movies that are not easy to get. New content is added regularly to the site and the website is well updated.

Select from thousands of movie titles, documentaries, and foreign films, and the content available is free for all users. It has a whole lot of Indian and foreign cinema movies and documentaries.It has multiple genres to deliver such as horror, action, adventure, drama, fiction, and much more.

8. Movie Bucket

As the name suggests it is the bucket list for your movies. You can easily track the movies you want to see as when they are available. You can surf the movies and add them to your movie list.You can also know the movies your friends are watching and also you can share the movies.

The notification about the upcoming movies is also available and features about every movie is available as well.It has a good user interface which helps you to navigate the movies that are available and unreleased and the trailers of the movies are on the platform to get a movie overview.

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The movies in the MegaBox HD are plentiful and it has an appreciable user interface. While the users can also have a certain inclination towards specific features such as the powerful list presentation in Movie Bucket and JustWatch for better search engines for film streaming and more features like recommendation and track of watch history and more.So, the alternatives listed above are useful for you and you can choose them as per your taste.