Matthew McConaughey Declares America ‘Going Through Puberty’ in Independence Day Message

Some individuals were “Dazed and Confused” by Matthew McConaughey’s July 4 message.

The actor, who is rumoured to be considering a run for governor of Texas, wrote a birthday letter to the United States and shared it on social media.

Matthew McConaughey Declares America 'Going Through Puberty' in Independence Day Message

His tweet of the 2.5-minute clip was accompanied by the remark “happy 245th birthday, America – lets rock.”

Today We Celebrate Our Nation’s Birth, the day that Sparked a Revolution to win our Independence.

But before we do, let’s acknowledge that the past year, this orbit around the sun, was yet another mystery.

Still, “let’s also remember that we’re babies as a country,” he said. In the context of the development of other countries, we can be likened to adolescent children going through the changes and challenges of puberty. Alright, Alright, Alright!

The star of “Dallas Buyers Club” went on to say that this fact is “not an excuse, but the truth,” and that this is good because “we must keep learning, gotta keep evolving.

Gotta keep striving, gotta keep ascending, gotta keep building.” And while we change, we must remember to keep our faith.

Matthew McConaughey Shared His Wishes to The Nation

On July 4, while Americans across the country celebrated Independence Day, actor Matthew McConaughey posted a speech to the nation.

In a video broadcast on Twitter, the Oscar winner expressed his hopes for the United States and urged its citizens to put aside their individual concerns in favour of “our collective responsibilities.”

The 51-year-old seems to be making reference to both the coronavirus outbreak and the political and social turmoil that has rocked the United States over the past year, including the removal of Donald Trump from the presidency.


American actor Matthew David McConaughey. Dazed and Confused, a coming-of-age comedy, was where he first gained widespread attention for a supporting role (1993).

His breakthrough as a leading actor came in the courtroom thriller A Time to Kill, after which he appeared in several supporting roles (1996).

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